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Pasteurization System • Flavor Injection System • Water Purification System • CIP System • Bottling Line • Rinser • Filler • Pasteurization Tunnel • Air Compressors • Boilers • Pumps • Tanks & More

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3-Tank Skid Mount All S/S CIP System Consisting Of: (3) 3' x 3.5' High S/S Tanks, (9) Automatic Air Actuated Valves, (3) Automatic Control Valves, S/S Tube in Shell Heat Exchanger, Tri-Clover S/S 10 HP Centrifugal Pump, Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 Control
2009 1,720 GPH Skid Mounted All S/S HTST Pasteurization System Consisting Of: 50 Gallon S/S Balance Tank, 4-Section Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger, (3) Associated S/S Centrifugal Pumps, S/S Timing Pump, S/S Holding Tube, (2) Taylor Steam Control Valves, Anderson AV-9000 Chart Recorder/Controller, Allen-Bradley PanelView C600 Control
S/S Skid Mounted Mint Flavor Injector/Extractor Consisting Of: (1) 6" x 5' High S/S Extraction Column, (1) Waukesha Size 006 S/S Positive Pump, 3/4 HP, S/N 406418-06, (1) Chemical Pump, (2) Promass Electronic Flow Meters, Control Panel

Fogg 30 Head Rotary Inverter Type Empty Bottler Rinser All S/S w/ Envirolite EL6000 Acid Make Up System for Neck Washer, PanelView Plus 700 Control
Fogg 28 Valve Monoblock All S/S Rotary Bottle Filler/Capper w/ 10 Station Rotary Capping Head, Allen-Bradley C600 Control, S/N 563-16-3-92, Tri Clover 5 HP S/S Centrifugal Pump w/ Diversified Capping Equipment Mdl: 111-600 Cap Hopper w/ Blower, S/N 111-634, Cap Aligner, Cap UV Sterilizer, Change Parts for 20 oz. Bottle (the Plate is Brand New - $20k, Filler Heads Rebuilt, Machine is in Excellent Condition)
Empty Bottle Unscrambler Infeed Conveyor, 42" Wide x 20' Long, Plastic Mesh Belt, S/S Contact Parts, 15' S/S Framed Table Top Single Filer Discharge Conveyor and 45' of BFT S/S Framed 4.5" Tabletop Empty Bottle Conveyor
Filtec FT50 Fill Level Detector, Reject Kicker, S/N 112818
4.5" x 35' S/S Framed Full Bottle Tabletop Conveyor
16' Long S/S Framed 90 Degree Tilting Inner Cap Sterilizing Conveyor
4.5" x 55' S/S Framed Full Bottle Tabletop Conveyor
All S/S Tunnel Pasteurizer, 6' x 35' Long, Plastic Mesh Belt, Hot Water Pasteurizing Section and Cold Water Cooling Section, Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger, S/S Centrifugal Circulation Pumps, Steam Condensate Pump, Allen-Bradley PanelView C600 Control
24 Head Rotary Oval Activator, Bottom Indenter, Infeed/Outfeed Screws, Mitsubishi GOT1000 Control
Sonic Air Systems Air Knife Bottle Dryer w/ 15 HP Blower
Sim-Co 6' x 10' Full Bottle Accumulating Table, Plastic Chain Mesh Belt, S/S Framed w/ (2) 8" Wide x 10' Long Plastic Tabletop Bypass Conveyors
Sim-Co 4.5" x 25' S/S Framed Full Bottle Tabletop Conveyor
LSI Wrap Around Labeling System, S/N 140608, w/ LSI 40-10 Side Bottle Pressure Labeling Head, S/N 400506L, and Label Head Stand, Mdl: 1500S
2007 Fuji Seal Group Mdl: 4200 DE Single Bottle Sleever Consisting of: Infeed Bottle Conveyors, 3.5" Through Feed Conveyor, Outfeed Conveyors, Dual Reel Film Unwinder, Accumulator Section, Sleeve Feeder/Cutter, Timing Screw, Smart Inspector, Reject Kicker, Fuji ST-6 All S/S Steam Shrink Tunnel 15' Long w/ 7' x 14" Opening , Allen-Bradley VersaView CE 1000H Touch Screen Control, S/N 120588
Arrowhead 4.5" x 57' S/S Framed Full Bottle Tabletop Conveyors, w/ (5) 90 Degree Turns and 15' x 39' Overall S/S Framed Arrowhead Accumulation Case Packer Feed Plastic Chain Conveyor
2010 Combi Mdl: 2EZHS Case Erector, Allen-Bradley PanelView 300 Micro Control, S/N 2EZHS07209231, w/ Nordson ProBlue 7 Hot Melt Glue System, S/N SA-10H69113
Hartness Mdl: 835 Drop Case Packer, Allen-Bradley PanelView 600 Control, S/N W835175
R.A. Pearson Top Case Sealer, S/N 9004016992, Top & Bottom Compression Section, Quattro Challenger Mdl: 110700 Hot Melt Glue Applicator, Astro ET4 Pattern Controller
Little David MicroJet HRP InkJet Printer
Allen-Bradley Mdl: 42MRP-5000 Photoswitch
150' of Full Case Power Belt Conveyor, (3) 90 Degree Power Turns, Elevated
Litton Mdl: SPLX-MK-MK11-4840(F)REPD Automatic Case Palletizer, Automatic Pallet Feeder, Voane Industries Mdl: 2015 Control Panel, Outfeed Conveyor, S/N 2786
Highlight Industries Synergy II Pallet Stretch Wrapper, 5' High of Travel, 4' x 4' Turntable Platform
CTM Series 360 Applicator Modular Labeling System, Feed Screw, S/N 701124-1-0508

Polymetrics Compressed Air Type Ozone Generator, Mdl: PA-40, S/N 3256, w/ Controls and Skid Mounted, (3) Tank Polyethylene Water Softener and Carbon Filter, 42" x 36" High Poly Back Flush Tank, and Brine Tanks and Pump
Cuno S/S Canister Type RO Water Filter, Mdl: 22DC3, S/N 47145-01
Universal Aqua Tech Mdl: TP-50K-DLX 50,000 GPD Skid Mounted Reverse Osmosis System, S/N 2762, (3) Reverse Osmosis Pods, Plastic Cleaning Tank, 2 HP Cleaning Pump, Grundfos Mdl: CR-16 High Pressure15 HP Pump, (3) Harmsco Vertical Canister Filters w/ 3' x 2' RO Water Tank
Ozonation System Consisting Of: (1) 1,700 Gallon Vertical S/S Ozone Contact Tank, 4' x 16' High, Front Sight Glass, 100 Gallon Plastic RO Water Feed Tank, (4) Associated Tri Clover 5 HP S/S Centrifugal Pumps, (1) A.O. Smith 1 HP S/S Centrifugal Recirculation Pump
Aquafine S/S UV Sterilizer, Mdl: RBE-10R/60, 215 GPM, S/S Control Panel, Hours: 15,826, S/N XS90021

Ingersoll-Rand SSR 75 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Fully Enclosed w/ ZEKS 200HSBA400 Refrigerated Air Dryer and 400 Gallon Vertical Receiver
Ingersoll-Rand T30-1020H 10 HP Reciprocating Tank Mounted Air Compressor, S/N 30T-707663
2009 McKenna Mdl: MH50 Steam Boiler, 50 HP, 125 PSI, 2,000,000 BTU Input, S/N H2324/NB7701
2008 McKenna Mdl: MH20 Steam Boiler, 20 HP, 125 PSI, 850,000 BTU Input, S/N H2281/NB7669
Make Up Water System
Raypack Hot Water Boiler, Natural Gas Fired, 1,800,000 BTU Input, Max Water Temp. 250° F, S/N 0605250851/NB250851 (Used for CIP)
Marley/SPX Mdl: NC8403 2 Fan Cooling Tower w/ Circulating Pump, S/N NC-10011328-A1
Rowland 30,500 Gallon Vertical Fiberglass Tank, Resin Type: COR75AO393
Rowland 30,500 Gallon Vertical Fiberglass Tank, Resin Type: COR75AO393
Allen-Bradley Motor Control Center w/ (67) Motor Starters and (4) Variable Frequency Drive Controllers
SPX Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Mdl: 040-U2 Universal 2 Series Pump, 3 HP (Spare for HTST Pasteurizer - $9,000 new)
Spare Parts for Liquid Nitrogen, Rinser, Palletizer, Capper, Pasteurizer Tunnel, Tabletop Conveyor, Activator, Bottle Conveyor, Drop Packer, Labeler, Filler/Capper, Etc.
(6) Centrifugal S/S Pumps, 15 HP, 7 HP, 3HP & 3/4 HP
3,000 Gallon Plastic Cone Bottom Water Tank
(2) 1,000 Gallon S/S Jacketed Tanks
Brine 300 Gallon Transfer Tank, 3 HP, w/ Controls

In Conjunction With Harry Davis & Company

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