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Auction Dates:
Starts: Tuesday, April 6, 2010 - 9:00am (PDT)
Ends: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 12:00pm (PDT)
Auction Type: Global Online Auction
Location: Items located at various locations within the USA
Fabrication, Machine Tools & Accessories Online Sale

Photo Gallery:


  • 1998 .033" x 42" Cap. HERR VOSS High Precision Leveler, Mdl. VMLB 54/1-156-17/7-4 Hi/Rh, S/N 54927-001 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • 1972 400 Ton x 30' PACIFIC CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, Mdl. K400- 30, S/N 5400 | *Note: This machine requires a pit for the bed* | Located in: Lockeford, CA
  • 150 Ton X 13" DAKE Hydraulic Traveling H-Frame Straighting Press | Located in: Granite Falls, WA
  • 84" X 156" BETTS Engine Lathe | Located in: McAllen, TX
  • 6" G & L Horizontal Boring Mill (Floor Type), Mdl. 560 - F, S/N 8892 | Located in: Tualatin, OR **** Click here to view machine running. ****
  • 1" x 20’ BERTSCH Initial Pinch Bending Roll, Mdl. 20, S/N 8804 | Located in: Greenville, PA
  • 40 Ton HANNIFIN Hydraulic Press | Located in: Los Angeles, CA
  • 1996 42" PROCECO Turntable 2-Stage Washer (Oscillating Pipe), MDL. H042-108-E-2500, S/N 112-96 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • 2000 31.5"X, 21.6"Y, 15.75"Z Travels, KINGSBURY (2) 20" Pallet, Mdl. HM-500, S/N B13572 | Located in: Philadelphia, PA
  • CAE RANSOHOFF Parts Washing System, 21' LG x 7' W x 9' H Footprint, S/N 3559 | Located in: Longmont, CO
  • CAE RANSOHOFF Parts Washing System, 17' LG. X 8' W X 8' H Footprint, S/N 3291 | Located in: Longmont, CO
  • 36" TANNEWITZ Vertical Bandsaw, MDL. 3600 MH, S/N 14335 | Located in: Holland, OH
  • 1997 20 Ton GREENERD Hydraulic Press, Mdl. HCA-20-73R3, S/N 97T5284 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • 1999 25 Ton STAMTEC OBS Gap Frame Press, Mdl. G1-25, S/N S90933 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • 1983 4.5" CONRAC Hydraulic Tube Bender, Mdl. DIGICON 255-SX, S/N 84998-22 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • 12" X 36" CINCINNATI Universal Cylindrical Grinder, S/N 2U3D5B-27| Located in: Philadelphia, PA
  • 28"/50" x 192" LANDIS Roll Cylindrical Grinder, Mdl. ROLL TYPE, S/N 16261 | Located in: Hammond, IN
  • 1974 4" TOSHIBA SHIBAURA Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill, Mdl. BT-10BR, S/N 6504 | Located in: Milwaukee, WI
  • 48" x 48" GIDDINGS & LEWIS Tilting Rotary Box Table, 5,000 Lbs. | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • (2) 59" x 36" GIDDINGS & LEWIS Angle Plates, 2,000 Lbs., Mdl. 5936 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • (2) 72" x 36" GIDDINGS & LEWIS Angle Plates, 5,000 Lbs., Mdl. 7236 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • 60" x 120" AXELSON Engine Lathe, Mdl. A32, S/N 3775 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • 18 Cu. Ft. Roto-Finish Multi Pass Combo Vibratory Finishing Machine (Bowl Type), Mdl. MPC-120-6-2, S/N 00-A4 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA
  • 18 Cu. Ft. Roto-Finish ER Series Combo Vibratory Finishing Machine (Bowl Type), Mdl. ERC-1822 BC, S/N 90-C1 | Located in: S. El Monte, CA

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*Acceptable at the Auctioneer’s sole discretion. Must be accompanied with a bank letter of guarantee from company’s bank guaranteeing unqualified payment to Auctioneer.

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