On-site and Global Webcast Auction


Auction Dates:
Starts: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 11:00am (PDT)
Auction Type: On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 2940 Ramona Ave, Sacramento, CA 95826

Thunder Machine Works, Inc.

In Conjunction with Ashman Company and GoIndustry DoveBid

CNC Vertical Mill: WELLS-INDEX
Horizontal Boring Mills: G&L L70 E-4T & LUCAS No. 42
Vertical Boring Mills: G&L 54VBM, SCHIESS 39", & INDUSTRIAL WORKS 72"
   LODGE & SHIPLEY 2516 Hollow Spindle 28" x 154" Lathe
   LEBLOND 35" x 148" Lathe
   AXELSON A24 24" x 96" Lathe
   AXELSON A16 16" x 96" Lathe
   GOODWAY GW-2080 20" x 84" Lathe
   OKUMA LS 21"-60" Lathe
   AXELSON A18 18" x 72" Lathe
Vertical & Horizontal Mills: Heavy Duty
Radial Arm Drills:
   CINCINNATI 16" Column x 60" Radial Arm Drill
   MORRIS 9" Column x 36" Radial Arm Drill
Vertical Band Saws
MORRISON Keyseat Broaching Machine
ARTER A1-12 12" Rotary Surface Grinder
Grinders & Sanders
Welders & Supplies
IRD MECHANALYSIS B50F Balancing Machine
Large Quantity of Machine & Support Tooling
GROVE RT-49 10-Ton Boom Crane
TOYOTA Forklift
Large Quantity of Raw Materials
& Much More

Photo Gallery:


Wells–Index 420-5 CNC Vertical Mill s/n 17625 w/ Heidenhain TNC155 CNC Controls, Travels X=31.5”, Y=19.3”, Z=8”, NTMB-40 Taper Spindle, 5Hp Motor, 22” x 40” Aluminum Top Plate, Coolant.

Giddings & Lewis Type L70 4-ET Horizontal Boring Mill s/n 400-76-65 w/ Newall Topaz DRO, 6.9-1320 Dial Change RPM, Power Feeds, 50-Taper Spindle, 48” x 74” Table, Outrigger Table Supports, Arbor Support to 63” Height.
Lucas No.42 Horizontal Boring Mill s/n 42-35-7 w/ Newall C80 DRO, 9-1200 RPM, Power Feeds, 40” x 60” Table, Arbor Support.

Giddings & Lewis Type 54VBM Hypro 54” Vertical Boring Mill s/n 7575 w/ Newall DP7 DRO, 4.0-340.5 RPM, 52” Chuck, 5-Station Turret Head, Vertical Boring Head to +-55 Degree Rotation and 32” “Z” Travel, Horizontal Facing and Turning Head with 26” Travel, 46” Max Height Under Rail, Power Feeds.
Schiess 39” Vertical Boring Mill s/n NA w/ Mitutoyo DRO, 5-Station Turret on Vertical Head, Horizontal Facing and Turning Head, 9-155 RPM.
Industrial Works 72” Vertical Boring Mill s/n NA w/ Trak DRO, 25Hp Motor, 72” Chuck.

Lodge & Shipley / Oliver Vanhorn Mdl: 2516 “Power Turn” Hollow Spindle 28” x 154” Lathe s/n 49040 w/ 11 ¾” Bore Thru Spindle, (2)24” 4-Jaw Chucks(On each side of spindle head), 26 ½” Max Swing over Carriage, 20” Max Swing over Cross Slide, 144” Between Centers, 6-338 RPM, Taper Attachment, Inch Threading, Tailstock, Steady Rests, Tool Post, Coolant.
LeBlond Heavy Duty 35” x 148” Geared Head Lathe s/n NF4486 w/ 12-528 RPM, Taper Attachment, Inch Threading, Tailstock, Steady Rest, Tool Post, 24” 4-Jaw Chuck, 23” Face Plate.
Axelson A24 24” x 96” Geared Head Lathe s/n 1521 w/ 28 ¾” Max Swing, 14’ Bed, 96” Between Centers, 6-555 RPM, Taper Attachment, Tailstock, Steady Rest, 24” 3-Jaw Chuck, 24” 4-Jaw Chuck, Coolant, Custom Mounted 500 Lb Cap Jib Over Headstock with ½ Ton Cap Pneumatic Hoist.
Axelson A16 16” x 96” Geared Head Lathe s/n 2188 w/ 19” Max Swing, 54” Between Centers, 13-844 RPM, Taper Attachment, Inch Threading, Tailstock, Steady and Follow Rests, Tool Post, 12” 3-Jaw Chuck, Coolant.
Goodway GW-2080 20” x 84” Gap-Bed Lathe s/n NA w/ 25-1500 RPM, Taper Attachment, Inch / Metric Threading, Tailstock, Steady Rest, Change Gears, 12” 3-Jaw Chuck, 16” 4-Jaw Chuck, Coolant.
Okuma Type LS 21” x 60” Gap-Bed Lathe s/n 4805-4445 w/ 35-1800 RPM, Inch Threading, Tailstock, Steady Rest, Tool Post, 15” 3-Jaw Chuck, 15” 4-Jaw Chuck, 18” 4-Jaw chuck, Coolant.
Axelson A18 18” x 72” Gap-Bed Lathe s/n 2680 w/ 20 5/8” Max Swing, 9.5-721 Geared RPM, Taper Attachment, Inch Threading, Tailstock, Steady and Follow Rests, Tool Post, 12” 3-Jaw Chuck, 15” 4-Jaw Chuck, Coolant.
Hendey 16” x 36” Geared Head Lathe s/n NA w/ 30-1200 RPM, Taper Attachment, Inch Threading, Tailstock, Coolant.
Southbend 14 ½” x 60” Lathe w/ 4-Speeds, Inch Threading, Tailstock, 8” 3-Jaw Chuck.

Bridgeport Series 1 – 2Hp Vertical Mill s/n 198190 w/ Mitutoyo DRO, 60-4200 Dial Change RPM, Chrome Ways, Power Feed, 9” x 48” Table.
Supermax YCM-1 ½ Vertical Mill s/n 1212612 w/ Mitutoyo DRO, Bridgeport Shaping Attachment with 170-420 Strokes/Min, 2 Hp Motor, 60-4200 Dial Change RPM, Chrome Ways, Power Feed, 9” x 42” Table.
Cincinnati No.3 Vertical Mill s/n 4A3V1L-45 w/ 18-1300 Dial Change RPM, 50 Taper Spindle, Power Feeds, Rotary Table Drive Unit, 24” and 20” Power Drive Rotary Tables, Coolant.
Kearney & Trecker / Milwaukee 3CK DP Plain Horizontal Mill s/n 3-7660 w/ Mitutoyo DRO, 20 Hp Motor, 15-1500 RPM, 50 Taper Spindle, Power Feeds, Lagun Vertical Milling Head Mounted on Arbor Support with 2 Hp Motor, 60-4200 Dial RPM, 15 ½” x 64” Table.
Kearney & Trecker / Milwaukee 7 ½ HP-3CH Vertical Mill s/n 15-6819 w/ 15-1500 RPM, Power Feeds, 50-Taper Spindle, 13 ½” x 64” Table.

Marvel Mdl: 81 Series 81 Hydraulic Vertical Band Saw s/n D-1196 w/ Miter Capability, 60-340 Dial Change FPM, Hydraulic Clamping, 30” x 33” Table, Work Stop, Coolant, Conveyors.
Leten LCM-450 18” Vertical Band Saw s/n NA w/ Blade Welder, 19 ½” x 23 ½” Miter Table.
Kalamazoo Mdl: 9AW 9” Horizontal Band Saw s/n 2689 w/ Manual Clamping, Coolant.
True Power 12” Abrasive Cut Off Saw.

Arter Mdl: A1-12 12” Rotary Surface Grinder s/n 2544 w/ 12” Electromagnetic Chuck, 14” Wheel Cap., Coolant.
Cincinnati Tool and Cutter Grinder s/n 1D2T5C-151 w/ Compound Grinding Head, Indexing Work Head, Centers, 4” Compound Vise, 5 ¼” x 36” Pivoting Table.
Sellers Type 40 Large Diameter Precision Drill Sharpener s/n E7460.
Baldor Pedestal Carbide Tool Grinder.
18” Heavy Duty Pedestal Grinder w/ 18” x 3” Wheel Cap.
Jet 8” Pedestal Grinder.
½ Hp 6” Pedestal Grinder.
20” Pedestal Disc Sander.
Wilton Mdl: 4300A 6” Pedestal Belt Sander s/n 09091012.

Cincinnati Bickford 16” Column x 60” Radial Arm Drill s/n 5E688 w/ 14-1700 RPM, Power Feeds, Power Column, 17” x 24” x 30” Tooling Fixture, 50” x 83” Base Area, Coolant.
Morris 9” Column x 36” Radial Arm Drill s/n GH1688 w/ 56-1500 RPM, Power Feeds, Power Column, 30” x 53” Base Area.
Morrison Vertical Key-Slot Broaching Machine s/n K844153 w/ 1 ¼” Shaft Holds ¼” to 1 1/8” Keyslot Tools, Tooling Assortment from ¼” to 1 1/8”, 24” x 27” Table, Work Piece Clamp.
Custom 4-Post Hydraulic Press w/ 4” Ram, 29 ½” x 47” Between Uprights.
Famco No.6C Floor Model 6 Ton Arbor Press w/ Speed Wheel, Adjustable Height Base.
Rockford 16” Shaper w/ 11 ½” x 13 ½” Table.
Gates Mdl: PC707 “Magna Crimp” Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine w/ (6)Die Sets ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, 5/8”, ¾” and 1”.
Eutectic Castolin TeroDyn System 2000 Metal Sprayer Delivery System s/n 2784 w/ Gun, Gages, Materials, Cabinet.
Craftsman Pedestal Drill Press.
Chicago 12-Speed Bench Model Drill Press w/ 260-3650 RPM.
5Hp Horizontal Air Compressor w/ 2-Stage Pump, 60 Gallon Tank.
Generac 5000 Watt Portable Generator w/ 10Hp Pull-Start Motor.
Ultra Vibe Mdl: 18 Media Tumbler.

Lincoln Idealarc R3S-600 Constant Voltage DC Arc Welding Power Source s/n AC481723.
Linde Type SVI-500 500 Amp DC Arc Welding Power Source s/n E1651757 w/ (2)Linde IG Welder Wire Feeders, Cart.
Miller Goldstar 400SS DC Arc Welding Power Source s/n JD688416 w/ Miller TIG-RIG TIG Welding Unit s/n JH184269.
(2) Miller Goldstar 400SS(S) DC Arc Welding Power Sources s/n’s JD703763, JD703726.
Airco AC/DC Heliwelder IV 300 Amp Welding Power Source s/n AH104291.
Linde VI-252 250 Amp DC Welding Power Source s/n B73001972 w/ MK WC-1 Welding Controller, MK Prince XL Spool Gun.
Shield Arc Type SAE300 Torpedo Style 375 Amp Arc Welder s/n A116274.
Miller Thunder Bolt 225V AC Shielded Arc Welding Power Source s/n NA.
Lincoln SP-125 PLUS 110 Volt Wire Welder s/n 10161-U1940907293.
Esab PCM-750i Plasma Cutting System s/n PD-1549042.
Electro Arc Mdl: 3S Metal Disintegrator s/n 12722 w/ Mdl: LBH Magnetic Base Mounted Head.
Miller BlueStar 2E DC Arc Welding Generator s/n HK333127 w/ 200 kVA, Electric Start.
(2) Victor Mdl: MHT-100 Motorized hand Torches.
(2) Welding Torch Carts.
Linde Trak Burner System w/ Controller.
Welding Gages, Hoses, Cords, Wire, and Rod.
20” 4-Jaw Motorized Welding Positioner.
55” x 120” Steel Welding Table.
48” x 99” Steel Welding Table.
50” Dia x 1 ½” Steel Welding Table.

Kurt 6” Angle-Lock Vise, (2)6” Angle-Lock Vises, 12”, 10”, 9”, 8”, 5”, 3” Machine Vises, Bridgeport 6” Machine Vise, Heavy Duty Work Bench w/ Craftsman 4 ½” Bench Vise, Rock Island 5” Bench Vise, Taft-Pierce 6” x 18” Electromagnetic Chuck, Walter 30” Dividing Rotary Table, 16” Rotary Table, (3) Hartford 8” 3-Jaw Indexing Chucks, Cincinnati 6” 3-Jaw Compound Dividing Chuck, (14) NTMB 50 Taper Tooling, (24) NTMB 40 Taper Tooling w/ Rack, Dumore Tool Post Grinder, Custom ID Grinding Attachment(For Lathes), Climax Portable Keyway Milling Machine, Storm “Mileage-Master” Portable Boring Machine, Climax Mdl: 1149 Portable Hydraulic Boring Machine w/ Hydraulic Unit, Hydraulic Cross Slide Assembly, Motorized Material Rolls, Bridgeport 90 Degree Milling Head, (40)R8 Tooling and Collets, 12” 3-Jaw Chuck, 10” 3-Jaw Chuck, 8” 4-Jaw Chuck, 5C Air Fixture, 5C Spin Fixture, Large Custom Steady Rest, Mill Centers, Parallels (2)6” x 6” x 30”, (2)5 ½” x 5 ½” x 29 ½”, (2)3 ½” x 8” x 28”, (2)12” x 48” x 28” Angle Plates, 9” x 21 ½” Sine Table, 16” x 18” x 20” Angle Plate, 8” x 10” x 12” Angle Master, 8” x 12” Compound Angle Plate, (2)7” x 24” V-Blocks w/ Chain Clamps, V-Blocks, Large 20” Boring/Facing Head, (8) Criterion Boring Heads, Procunier and Tapmatic Tapping Heads, Mill Clamps, Drill Chucks and Live Centers, Large Quantity of Mill Arbors and Drive Dogs, Hassay Savage Broach Sets, Large Quantity of Boring Mill Boring Bars, Insert Milling, turning and Boring Tooling w/ Carbide Inserts, Approx 500 Taper Shank Drills to 3 ½” Dia, Silver and Deming Drills, (2) Huot Tap Cabinets SAE and Metric, (3) Huot Drill Cabinets, Keyway and Radius Cutters, Morrison Keyslot Broach Tooling, Knurling Tools, Taper Shank Reamers, Drills, Taps, Dies, Endmills, Reamers, HS and Braised Tip Tooling, Helicoils, Mill Slot Cutters, Rigid Mdl: 700 Electric Pipe Threader w/ (11) Dies, Milwaukee Heavy Duty Magnetic Base Drill, Power Team Portable Electric Hydraulic Unit, Porter Cable Porta-Band Band Saw, Milwaukee 8” Metal Cutting Circular Saw, Skilsaw Circular Saw, Chicago ½” Electric Impact, (2) Trades Pro ½” Pneumatic Impacts, (2) CM Pneumatic ½” Impacts, Central Pneumatic ½” Impact, Pneumatic Straight Shaft Grinder, Riveters, Hammer, Drill, (3) Milwaukee Electric Drills, (2) Black & Decker Electric Drills, Drill Doctor Drill Sharpener, Hydraulic Jacks, C-Clamps, Chain and Eye Bolts, Pillow Bearing Blocks, Misc Bearings, Impression Stamp and Transfer Punch Sets, Misc Abrasives, 6” Belt Lacer and Lace, Grinding Wheels, Wheel Puller Set, Irontite Magnaflux Kit, Large Quantity of New Hardware Including Large Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws, Hydraulic Hose Fittings, Electrical Supplies, Knaack Job Box, 6’ x 8’ x 3’ Aluminum Tank, I-Beam Style Saw Horses & Outdoor Lighting.

IRD Mechanalysis Mdl: B50F Balancing Machine s/n 90080642 w/ IRD Mechanalysis 245 Automatic Balancer Controls, 5 Hp Motor, 7’ Bed Length, 72” Max Diameter, Drive Pulley, Idler Pulleys, Belts, Approx 30 Arbors.
Oko-Seiki Mdl: 3R Rockwell Hardness Tester s/n 1889 w/ B & Scales, Stand.
Mitutoyo 24” Dial Height Gage, Starrett 18” Vernier Height Gage, Mitutoyo 0-12” OD Mic Set, 0-12” OD Mic Set, Aerospace 0-3” OD Mic Set, Gage Block Set, SPI Digital Protractor, Starrett 12” Master Level, Tumico 24”-30” OD Mic, Starrett 18”-24” OD Mic, Starrett 16”-26” OD Mic, Starrett 12”-16” OD Mic, Mitutoyo 11”-12” OD Mic, Starrett 6”-12” OD Mic, Starrett 2”-6” OD Mic, Starrett 4”-5” OD Mic, Chaun 0-1” OD Mic, Starrett 2”-3” Blade Mic, Starrett 1”-2” Blade Mic, Starrett 4”-32” ID Mic, 80” Vernier Caliper, Starrett 26” Vernier Caliper, Starrett 24” Vernier Caliper, Starrett 14” Vernier Caliper, Fowler 24” Digital Caliper, Mitutoyo 12” Dial Caliper, Starrett 12” Dial Drop Indicator, (5) Starrett Precision Squares to 27”, Starrett Protractor, Starrett 48” Precision Straight Edge & 24” x 28” x 3 ¾” Granite Surface Plate w/ Stand.

Grove Mdl: RT-49 10-Ton Boom Crane s/n 4120 w/ 4-Wheel Drive, 4-Wheel Steering, Outriggers, Toyota Mdl: 02-2FG30 6500 Lb Cap LPG Forklift s/n 2FG30-20321 w/ 3-Stage Short Mast, Side Shift, Solid Yard Tires, Forklift Clamp and Turner Assembly, 1000 Lb Cap Floor Mounted Jib w/ Yale 1 Ton Cap Electric Hoist, CM 3-Ton Cap Electric Bridge Hoist, (2) P&H 1-Ton Cap Electric Bridge Hoists, (4) Zimmerman Mfg. “Module-Air” 250 Lb Cap Pneumatic Hoists w/ Rail Assemblies, Hercules 1 ½ Ton Chain Hoist, CM Come-Along Hoist, Pallet Jack, Howe 1500 Lb Cap Shipping Scale, Large Quantities of Metal Stock Including Round Tube, Square and Rectangular Tube, Solid Bar, Channel and Angle Bar, Stainless, Cold Roll, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze and Exotics & I-Beam, Grating, Channel and Plate Stock.

(2) Phone Systems, Drafting Table, Hypercom Credit Card Reader, HP Photosmart 7280 All-In-One Printer, Copier, Fax Machine, Desks and Chairs.

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