On-site and Global Webcast Auction


Auction Dates:
Starts: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 10:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 1040 Pine Avenue SE in Warren, Ohio 44483


In Conjunction with Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers, Myron Bowling Auctioneers & Maynards Industries Ltd.

Featuring: (5) KRESS SC200T & SC160 Slab Haulers AS NEW AS 2009(5) KRESS/ROYAL Coil Haulers • (5) CAT 988F, 980G, 966F Wheel Loaders • (2) CAT 769C Haul Trucks • (3) CAT 446B, 436C, 430D Backhoes AS NEW AS 2002 • (25+) Pickup & Service Trucks • (2) GROVE RT500C & RT58E Mobile Cranes • (2) KUBOTA RTV 900 • (5) Large Capacity In-Plant Trailers • (25+) Forklifts to 33,000# • (17) Torpedo Hot Metal Cars • (25+) Pickup and Service Trucks

Complete Pipe Shop Featuring: (15+) LINCOLN & MILLER Welding Machines • Pipe Benders • Threaders • Steel / Copper / Stainless / Galvanized Pipe • Fittings • Elbows • Fire Hydrants • Flanges

Complete Carpentry Shop Featuring: Vertical Saws • Table Saws • Planers • Drills • Jointers • Lumber/Plywood.

Complete Mechanics Shop Featuring: CAT Spare Parts • Mechanics Tools • Hydraulic Lifts • Diagnostic Equipment. Over (500+) Hand Tools

Photo Gallery:


In Conjunction with Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers, Myron Bowling Auctioneers & Maynards Industries Ltd.

GALION T600C Motor Grader, S/N GC-02588, Detroit Diesel, 12' Grader, 3,389 Hours
CATERPILLAR 988 Articulated Wheel Loader, S/N 2ZR00689, 150" Bucket, Enclosed, 49,617 Hours
CATERPILLAR 988 Articulated Wheel Loader, S/N UNK
CATERPILLAR 980 Articulated Wheel Loader, S/N UNK
CATERPILLAR 966F Articulated Wheel Loader, S/N 1SLC2889, 10' Bucket, Enclosed, Heat, AC, CAT 3306B Engine, 16,498 Hours
CAT 430 DiT Backhoe, Enclosed, Diesel, 94" Front Bucket, Forks, VIN CAT0430DPBML01242, 13,413 Hours
GMC Crane Truck, Topkick Diesel, Auto, Air, NATIONAL 15,000-lb. Crane, Model N95, 39' Max Reach, 14' Flatbed, VIN 1GDM7H1JXSJS18466, 28610 Miles
GROVE 22-Ton Rough Terrain Crane, Model RT58E, Cummins Diesel, Automatic, 3-Stage Boom, PAT DS350GW Load Control
GROVE Rough Terrain Crane, Model RT58C, S/N 78913, 3-Stage Mast, PAT DS350 GW Load Controls, 6,523 Hours (NO CRANE BLOCK)
CATERPILLAR CAT 769C Dump Truck, 7-Speed Automatic, CAT 3408 Diesel, VIN 01X06900 (379) & VIN 01X06924 (374)
20" x 20" Stone Plate Compactor, Gas
(3) 148" Loader Buckets

(4) KRESS Coil Movers, Model S-60-E, 60 Ton, 3406 Diesel, Articulated, A/C, Heat (559-S/N 8CJ01375, 30,099 Hours, 560- S/N 8CJ01395, 39,811 Hours, 561- S/N 8CJ01345, 39,024 Hours, 562- S/N 8CJ01348, 35,981 Hours)
KRESS 40-Ton Articulated Coil Lift, Diesel, CL80 Boom Attachment, S/N RRWJ, 5,188 Hours

KRESS 100-Ton Slab Hauler, Model SC-200T, S/N WWMT060, CAT Acert C15, 365-HP Diesel, Auto, Air, AM/FM, PSION 8525G2 Load Control, 184.5 Hours
(4) KRESS 80-Ton Slab Haulers, Model SC-160, CAT Diesel, Automatic, AM/FM, Teklogix Load Controls (544, 545, 541, 542)
(2) New KRESS Hoist Actuators
(7) Rebuilt KRESS Hydraulic Actuators
Remanufactured CAT Diesel (for Kress SC160)

FORD 3910 Diesel Tractor, Overhead Protection (438)
FORD Tractor, Gas, Enclosed (420)
(3) FORD Golden Jubilee Tractors, Gas, (2) w/Overhead Protection (408, 421, 422)
1986 GREAT DANE Step-Deck Trailer, Model GPD-445, 125,000 GVWR, Quad Axle, 128" Shaft, 36' Bed, VIN 1GRDM9049KM024702 (392)
45' T/A Heavy Duty Double Drop Trailer, 12'-6" Rear Shelf, 22' Well, 11' Front Shelf (399)
35' T/A Heavy Duty Coil Trailer, Quick Draw Tarp System (394)
29' T/A Heavy Duty Coil Trailer (397)
15' T/A Proline Cargo Trailer, Rear Ramp, Side Door (396)

1981 MACK RD686 Day Cab T/A Truck Tractor, Diesel, 8-Speed, 202" Wheel Base, Fixed 5th Wheel Plate, VIN RD686SX8423, (393)
1997 GMC Crew Cab 8' Flatbed Truck, Automatic, Air, AM/FM, VIN 1GCHC33J7VF039995, 114,117 Miles
1995 GMC Dump Hopper Truck, Topkick Diesel, Auto, Air, Liftainer Hauler, VIN 1GDM7H1J918782, 85,669 Miles (377)
1995 GMC S/A Dump Truck, Automatic, Diesel, 10'/8.3 Yard Dump Body, Top Kick, Diesel, 82,665 Miles (325)
(3) GRANT GT Maintenance Trucks, Enclosed

KUBOTA ATV 900, Diesel, 4X4
JOHN DEERE TE Gator, Electric w/Charger

2008 CHEVROLET 3500HD 8' Flatbed Truck, Crew Cab, Auto, Air, AM/FM, VIN 1GBHC33K48F153700 (337)
1999 CHEVROLET 2500 8' Flatbed Truck, Auto, Air, VIN 1GBC24R4XF082697, 44,776 Miles (309)
1999 CHEVROLET 3500 Flatbed Truck, Auto, Air, VIN 1GBG34ROXF083652 (334)
1998 CHEVROLET C8500 T/A 19' Flatbed Truck, Automatic, Air, Diesel, VIN 1GBT7H4J3107643, 22,046 Miles (385) & VIN 1GBT7HHJ9WJ107663, 11,187 Miles (325)
1996 GMC 3500 8' Crew Cab Flatbed Truck, Automatic, VIN 1GTHK33JOVF012673, 123,995 Miles (2306)
CHEVROLET 3500 8' Flatbed Truck (Parts/Repair) (2309)
CHEVROLET 11' Flatbed Truck, Gas, Automatic, Air, AM/FM, VIN 1GBJC34R5Y417883 (359)

2008 CHEVROLET 2500HD Pickup Truck, Vortec Engine, Auto, Air, AM/FM, VIN 1GCHC24K38E150734 (316)
2008 GMC 2500 Pickup Truck, Auto, Air, AM/FM, VIN 1GCHC24K58E151044
2008 GMC 2500 Pickup Truck, Auto, Air, VIN 1GCHC24K38E150636 (308)
2000 GMC 2500 Pickup Truck, Auto, Air, VIN 1GTGC24R7Y187481, 224,054 Miles
1991 GMC 2500 Pickup Truck, Auto, Air, VIN 1GTFC24K3NE511527, 231,066 Miles (2310)
1999 GMC 3500 Pickup Truck, Crew Cab, Auto, Air, VIN 1GCGC33R5XF077102, 55,830 Miles (349)
1999 CHEVROLET Pickup Truck, Crew Cab, VIN 1GBHC33R7X093911 (Parts/Repair)
CHEVROLET 2500 Pickup Truck (Parts / Salvage) (313)

2001 GMC 2500 Cargo Van, Auto, Air, AM/FM, Cab Shield, VIN 1GCFG25W521128374, 145,399 Miles (354)
1999 GMC 2500 Cargo Van, Auto, Air, Rear Passenger Seat, VIN 1GCFG25WXX1134999, 34,615 Miles (356)
1999 CHEVROLET Cargo Van, Auto, Air, Cab Shield, VIN 1GCFG25W0Y1134334
1995 CHEVROLET Cargo Van, Auto, Air, Cab Shield, VIN 1GCDM19W5SB239408 (344)
CHEVROLET 2500 Cargo Van (Parts / Salvage) (357)

CATERPILLAR 33,000-lb Forklift, Diesel, Pneumatic Tires, Enclosed
CATERPILLAR 15,000-lb. Forklift, Model DP70, S/N 9CP00986, Diesel, Pneumatic Tires, Dual Front, 14' (Est.) Lift, Enclosed
EAGLE PICHER 12,500-lb. Forklift, 126" Lift, Diesel, Solid Tires, Side Shift, ROPS Cab, S/N FLNA150C5002 (473)
SELLICK 10,000-lb. Forklift, Model S100 JDS-4, 4WD, 10' Lift, Pneumatic Tires, Enclosed, S/N 7219709S10J-4
SELLICK 8,000-lb. Forklift, Model S80-2WD, S/N 7270709S8J, 120" Lift, JCB Diesel, Heat, AC, Enclosed, Pneumatic Tires (430)
CLARK 6,000-lb. (Est.) Forklift, Dual Front Pneumatic Tires, 10' Lift, ROPS
CATERPILLAR 6,000-lb. Forklift, Model P6000, Gas, 186" Lift, Side Shift, Cushion Tires, Enclosed, Heat, S/N AT14E01574 (461)
(2) CATERPILLAR 6,000-lb. Forklifts, Model P6000D, Diesel, 186" Lift, Side Shift, Cushion Tires, Enclosed, Heat S/N AT14E10352 (434) & AT14E10350
CATERPILLAR 6,000-lb. Forklift, Model DP30, S/N 7BM0119, Diesel 3-Stage Mast, Cushion Tires, Side Shift, Fork Adjust, Heat, Enclosed
CATERPILLAR 6,000-lb. Forklift, 3-Stage Mast, Diesel, Cushion Tires, Enclosed (462)
CATERPILLAR 6,000-lb. Forklift, Model DP30, S/N 78M01775, Diesel, 130" Lift, Cushion Tires, Enclosed (480)
CATERPILLAR 5,000-lb. Forklift, Model DP25, S/N 5BM01006, Diesel, 190" Lift, Cushion Tires, Side Shift, Enclosed, Heat (479)
CATERPILLAR 5,000-lb. Forklift, Model DP2, S/N 5MM01001, Diesel, 190" Lift, Cushion Tires, Side Shift, Enclosed, Heat (484)
CATERPILLAR 4,000-lb. Forklift, Model DP20, S/N 5BM01554, Diesel, Side Shift, Cushion Tires, Enclosed (482)
CATERPILLAR 4,000-lb. Forklift, Model T40D (Parts / Repair)

(16) POLLACK Hot Transfer Rail Cars w/Rotators
JLG 60' Boom Lift, Model 60-F, Pneumatic Tires, Gas, 3,462 Hours (664)
22,000-lb. Vertical Lift, Model LMT22, S/N 35729
EXCEL 2-Ton x 42' Bridge Crane, Single Girder, S/N 1000100A, Underhung Bridge & Hoist, 6-Way Pendant
EXCEL 2-Ton x 38' Bridge Crane, Underhung Bridge & Hoist, Remote
(2) EXCEL 2-Ton x 20' Bridge Crane, Single Girder, Underhung Bridge & Hoist, 6-Way Pendant
ACCO 2-Ton x 20' Bridge Crane, Single Girder, Underhung Bridge & Hoist, 6-Way Pendant
LOUDEN 2-Ton 18' Bridge Crane, Single Girder, Underhung Bridge & Hoist, 6-Way Pendant
22' Bridge Crane, Single Girder, Top Running, Underhung Hoist, 4-Way Pendant
65" Crane Type Electro Magnet
OTC 6,000-lb. Shop Hoist, Electric / Hydraulic
DAYTON 1/2-Ton Electric Hoist
(13) 1-Yard & (1) 1/2-Yard Dump Hoppers

STONE Cement Mixer, Model 655-PM, S/N 102006202, Gas
40-Sections WACO 60" & 37" Scaffolding w/Pins & Levelers
10-Sections Scaffold Deck
STONE 40" Power Trowel, Model CF464, S/N 381292
1-Yard Crane Lift Concrete Bucket
(12) Pneumatic Air Hammers

CRESCENT 24" Planer, 8" Max. Thickness
CRESCENT 23-1/2" Planer, 6" Max. Thickness
CRESCENT 12" Jointer, 82-3/4" x 19-1/2" Table
10" Jointer, 83" x 15-1/2" Table
4" Jointer, S/N 33-5022
WALLACE Mortiser, Type K
ROCKWELL Single Spindle Shaper, 27" x 17" Work Area
Custom Built 48" Panel Saw
24" x 80" Wood Turning Lathe
WALLACE 7" x 32" Wood Lathe, Model #46 w/Multi-Speed
FREUD Biscuit Cutter
Remaining Wood Inventory: Plywood, 2"x4" thru 2"x12"

TORCHMATE CNC Plasma Table, 6' x 10' Table, Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 151, 25-AMP Power Supply, SM 05076758, Single Plasma Head, Torchmate CNC Controls
ESAB Sidewinder 55 Plasma Cutter
LINCOLN Procut 80 Plasma Cutter, 80-AMP @ 60%
LINCOLN Ranger 250 Welder/Generator, 250-AMP Weld, 8500 Watt Generator, Gas
MILLER Bobcat 225D Plus Welder/Generator, S/N KG208869, 225-AMP Weld, 8000 Watt Generator
LINCOLN Weldanpower 225G7 Welder/Generator, 225-AMP Weld, 7000 Watt Generator
LINCOLN Weldanpower Welder/Generator, Gas, 200-AMP Weld, 9000 Watt Generator
LINCOLN Weldanpower Welder/Generator, 200-AMP Weld, 6000 Watt Generator, Gas
LINCOLN Flextec 450 MIG Welder, 450-AMP @ 60%, LF74 Wire Feeder
(4) LINCOLN Invertec V350 Pro MIG Welders, 350-AMP @60%
(3) LINCOLN TIG 300/300 TIG Welders, 300-AMP @ 60%
LINCOLN Powermax 255C MIG Welder, 250-AMP @ 40%
(2) LINCOLN Idealarc R3R-500 Stick Welder, 500-AMP @ 60%
HOBERT M-400S Stick Welder, 400-AMP @ 40%
(2) MILLER Goldstar 400SS Stick Welders
LINCOLN Idealarc R3R-300 Stick Welder, 300-AMP @ 60%
(2) LINCOLN Idealarc 250 Stick Welders, 250-AMP @ 30%
LINCOLN Idealarc DC-600 Power Supply, S/N AC691274
LINCOLN Idealarc R3R-500 Power Supply, S/N AC367150
LINCOLN Idealarc R3S-600 Power Supply, 600-AMP @ 80%, S/N AC504989
LINCOLN Idealarc R3R-400 Power Supply
MILLER Big Blue 400D Welder, 400-AMP Weld, Diesel
LINCOLN LN25 Suitcase Welder
(3) LINCOLN Fume Hoods
(2) TORIT Dust & Fume Collectors, Model Porta-Trunk, S/N 1G424129 & 1G428593
PHOENIX Dry Rod Oven, Model 300
(3) Oxy-Ace Torch Reel Sets, Welding Curtains
2-Wheel Hand Carts, Oxy-Ace Bottle Carts
(200+) Boxes Welding Stick & Wire Material

KALAMAZOO 8C-D Horizontal Saw, S/N 8114
DOALL 12" x 20" Horizontal Band Saw, Model C41A, S/N 86-54165
35" x 13" Vertical Band Saw, 27-3/4" x 31-3/4" Tilt Table
CRESCENT 36" x 16" Vertical Band Saw, S/N C-1259, 27-12" x 31-3/4" Tilt Table
MARVEL 18" x 22" Vertical Band Saw, Model 8, 22" x 33" Work Table, Single Vise
DEWALT Radial Arm Saw, Model GE, 20" Rip, S/N 256098
DEWALT Radial Arm Saw, 18" Rip
DEWALT Radial Arm Saw, 16" Rip
DELTA Radial Arm Saw, Model 33-892, 12" Rip, S/N 94098285
Table Saw, 24" Blade, 56-3/8" x 36" Table w/Fence
OLIVER 270 14" Table Saw, 44" x 37" Table w/Fence
10" Table Saw, 20" x 27" Table, Delta 47" Fence System, Delta Slide Table
Swing Saw, 14" Rip, Runoff Conveyor
EVERETT SEVERIT 14-16 Abrasive Chop Saw, S/N 820-1

JET 20-1/2" Drill Press, Model JDP-20MF, S/N 000137, 13-1/2" x 16" Table
DELTA 20" Drill Press, Model 70-200, S/N R9702, 14" x 16" Table, 150-2220 RPM
COBURN 20" Drill Press
BUFFALO 16" Bench Top Drill Press, 10" x 11" Table
MILWAUKEE Core Drills w/3" - 10" Drills

15-HP Twin Cylinder Horizontal Air Compressor, 120-Gallon, Tank Mount
INGERSOLL RAND T30 Horizontal Air Compressor, 80-Gallon, Twin Cylinder
INGERSOLL RAND Air Compressor, Trailer Mount, Diesel, S/N 168324U88317
ENGLO Portable Compressor

NIAGARA 36" Electric Shear, Model 136
TAPCO Pro 3 Porto-Bender, S/N YMMI, 101" Max. Length, 15" Bend Width
POWERBOSS Minuteman Floor Sweeper, Model Armadello SW9XR, S/N 15772036, Gas
(3) 3'& (1) 4" Gas Powered Trash Pumps
ENERPAC 40-Ton (Est.) Shop Press, 34" Between, Electric/Hydraulic
CLEMCO Sand Blast Pot
GREENLEE 785 Pipe Bender, Electric/Hydraulic Pump
RIDGID 300 Pipe Threader, S/N 7529086
RIDGID 535 Pipe Threader
LANDIS 8" Threader
RIDGID 1224 Pipe Threader
(75+) RIDGID Pipe & Roller Stands, REED & RIDGID Pipe Vises
Bolt & Wire Bender, Electric/Hydraulic Pump
Pipe Cover Plates & Gaskets
ROMAC 4" - 16" Pipe Connectors & Band Clamps
Very Large Pipe, Connector & Valve Inventory
RIDGID CT400 Pro Press Gun
Double End Grinders, 12" x 3" Wheels
BLACK & DECKER 10" Double End Grinder
(2) DAYTON 10" Double End Pedestal Grinders
STANLEY 8" Double End Grinder
30" Disc Sander w/15" x 39" Tilt Table
15" Disc Sander w/9" x 20" Tilt Table
Oscillating Spindle Sander, 20" x 24" Table, Assorted Arbors
SCHAEFER Pro Kool Air Circulator
TENNANT 92 Power Sweeper
HOTSY Steam Cleaner
LANDA Platinum Series Pressure Washer
(4) REZNOR Waste Oil Heat Systems w/Tank
(2) 10,000-Gallon Oil Tanks
(2) SAFETY KLEEN Parts Washers
GOODWAY Pressure Washer
PAULAN Pro 30" Snow Blower
GRAVELY 5260 w/Snow Blade
ARIENS 32" Snow Blower
TORO Power Max 826 Snow Blower
JOHN DEERE 1330SE Snow Blower
Steel Layout Tables
(10) JUSTRITE Flammable Storage Cabinets
(150+) Steel Double Door Cabinets Full of Tools & Equipment
(100+) Man Lockers
Numerous Rotary Parts Bins
(8) Rolling Material Carts
Large Repair Shop Including Consumables Inventory, Filters, Gaskets, V-Belts
Assorted Rolls Steel Cable
Ceramic & Fiberglass Pipe Insulation
Crimp-On Hose Fittings
1,000's of Pipe Fittings, Nipples, Gate & Ball Valves
Copper Fittings, Copper Pipe, Progress Copper Fittings
Bench Vises, Pedestal Vises, Banding Equipment, C-Clamps & Bar Camps, C-Clamps, Pipe Wrenches, Sockets, Combination Wrenches
Liftainer Hauler
HEAT WAGON Electric Heater, (12) Kerosene Heaters, Propane & LP Gas Heaters, (25+) Fiberglass Folding & Extension Ladders, 6'-10' Assorted Rolling Step Ladders

Removal Info:

  • Removal dates: TBA
  • Removal times 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  • No items released until payment is received in full.

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