Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction


Auction Dates:
Starts: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 10:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 201 Learner Ln, Blairs, VA 24527


(2003) Morbidelli Type Author 430S CNC Boring & Routing Center • (1993) Morbidelli CNC Borning & Routing Center • (1998) SCMI Concept 4-Station Double End Tenoner(2007) SCMI Automatic Edge Banding Machine • (1998) IDM Edge BanderHolz-Her Single Sided Edge Bander(1999) Gabbiani Panel Saw • (1995) Gabbiani Panel Saw • (2000) SCMI Superset XL Moulder(2003) 20" SCMI Sandya 3-Head Belt Sander • 52" Timesavers Belt Sander • Fletcher Edge Sander • (2005) Accu Systems CNC Boring & Dowling Machine • Ayen/Force Type Multibore Machine Diehl Mdl: D58 MoulderDiehl Rip Saw • 20" SCMI Planer • (3) 48' Dorsey Van Trailers • (2) International 4x2 Tilt Cab Diesel Tractors • (2007) Chyrsler Town & COuntry LX Minivan • (2001) Ford F350XL Super Duty Diesel Stake Truck • (2004) 25Hp Kaeser Air Compressor • (2) Toyota 4,500lb Cap Forklifts • Shop Equipment Inculding: Various Table Saws, Radial Saws, Jointers, Shapers, Bandsaws, Clamping Machines, Peg Boards System, Miter Saws, Power Hand Tools, Sanders, Grinders, C-Clamps, Slitters, Pinch Rolls, Large Quantity Of New Wood Inventory & Much More.

REAL ESTATE ALSO AVAILABLE: Approx 88,500 Sq Ft Building w/ 16,900 Sq Ft Of Sheds

Photo Gallery:


(2003) Morbidelli Type Author 430S CNC Boring & Routing Center, 15hp Motor, 10 Position ATC, 29 Vertical Drill Bits, Grooving Saw, (6) 4/5" X 41" Tables Each w/ 3 Vacuum Pads, S/N AL007026
(1993) Morbidelli U550 CNC Boring & Routing Center, 26 Vert. Drill Bits, Grooving Saw, 8 Horz. Drill Bits, (2) Vert. Boring Heads, (8) 6.25" X 51" Tables Ea. w/ 3 Vacuum Pads, S/N AL1289
(1998) SCMI Concept 2000-437D, 4-Station CNC Double End Tenoner, 7" To 122" Max Width, 7" Max Thickness, S/N AA1-10371
(2005) Accu-Systems HPJ-3 CNC Boring & Dowling Machine, With 18" Vibratory Bowl Type Parts Feeder, S/N 004-05-HPJ-3

(2007) SCMI Type Olimpic S3000 Computer Controlled Single Sided Automatic Edge Bander, With 4-Motor Corner Rounding, Pre-Mill Unit, 22'10" Track Length, 22' x 36" Powered Roller Conveyor, 5' x 36" Non-Powered Conveyor With 90 Degree Push Off Fence, S/N AH112329
(1998) IDM Idimatic 58-20 Computer Controlled Hand Feed Edge Bander, 21.5' Track, Corner Rounding, Doucet Mdl: BT361-60-T6-36-312D Power 90 Degree Turn Roller Conveyor & 26.5' Roller Conveyor, S/N AL000071
(1991) Holzher Mdl: Accord Type 1443 Manual Feed Single Sided Edge Bander, 16'3" Track Length, 21' x 36" Power Roller Conveyor, 5' x 36" Non-Powered Roller Conveyor, S/N 3207

(1999) Gabbiani Galaxy 140 Side Loading Computer Controlled Panel Saw, 169" Max Part Cutting Length, 5.5" Max Saw Blade Projection With Auto Load, Air Tables, 450mm Blade, 200mm Scoring Blade, S/N GA1001782
(1995) Gabbiani Class 3800 Computer Controlled Side Loading Panel Saw, 400mm Dia Blade, 160mm Scoring Blade, 12'10" Max Part Length, 4" Max Thickness, Auto Load, Air Tables, S/N 1488

(2000) SCMI SupersetXL Computer Controlled Moulder, 5 Head, S/N AB134022
Diehl D58 Moulder, S/N 69M-2519-1769

(2003) SCMI Sandya 20-M3-135, 52" Wide Computer PLC Controlled Veneer Belt Sander, 3-Head, Conveyorized Feed, (2) Segmented Electronic Platens w/ Sensors, Vacuum Table, Hydra PLC Control, S/N AE024593
(1993) Timesavers 252-2, 52" Wide Belt Sander, Conveyorized Feed Through, S/N 21597
Fletcher-Tolbert FT55S Through Feed Edge Sander, 200" Feed Belt, S/N 8555-S-2

(2004) Kaeser ASD25, 25hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor, S/N 1058, Approx. 16k Total Hrs., 7k Load Hrs.
Ingersoll Rand SSR-RP30, 30hp Tank Mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Approx. 70k Hrs.
Ingersoll Rand 25hp Tank Mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Approx. 13k Hrs.
Ingersoll Rand TMS-0200 Air Dryer & I-R D1801n Air Dryer

(2007) Chrysler Town & Country LX Minivan, Auto., Cruise, PW, A/C
(2001) Ford F350XL Super Duty Power Stroke 7.3L Diesel Truck, 12' Bed w/ Gating & Bulkhead, Auto., 11,200 Lb. GVWR, Dual Rear Wheels
(2) (1990 & 1986) International CO-9670 4 X 2 Tile Cab Hwy. Tractor, Eaton Fuller 9-Spd. Manual Trans., 855 CID L6 Diesel Engine, 29,900 GVWR
(3) Dorsey DFVPT-86 E 48' Dual Fixed Axle Drop Deck Van Trailers, 50,250 GVWR
Great Dane 741TDD04406 44' Dual Fixed Axle Drop Deck Van Trailer, 65,500 GVWR
(2) Toyota 4,300 Lb. Cap. LP Gas Forklifts

(1989) Ayen/Force SKB-50, 50 Spindle Swivel Head Multi-Bore Machine, S/N 8911436 • (1997) SCMI S520 20" Wide Planer, S/N AB113685(2) Diehl SL52 Power Rip Saws • Mar-Bel PR6-51, 51" Power Pinch Rolls, 7" Dia Rolls, S/N 7538 • Union Tool 15-A-50, 50" Wide Roll Coater, S/N U8113Altendorf Type 90 12" Sliding Table Saw, 4.5" Dia Pre-Scoring Blade, 107" T-Square Feed Table, S/N 73-3-68 • (1989) Dodds MFD-48HD Manual DovetaierBlack Brothers 14-Section Hand-Powered Rotating Clamp Carrier, Each Section 80" X 33.5" Cap, 6 Clamps Per Section, S/N 90410 • Lancaster No 220-D Air Operated Heavy Duty Drawer Clamping Machine • Steel Peg Board Clamp System 45" x 95" (3) Peg Hole Mount Pneumatic Clamps, 50" Bridge Beam • Omal Type C Hinge Seat Boring Inserting Machine • (2) Castle Tool TSM-35 Screw Pocket Router & Drilling Machines • Danckaert Belt Driven Pin Router • Clement 36' Wood Cutting Vertical BandsawGrizzly 16" Vertical BandsawForce/Ayen Dup TE2-8" Hydraulic Dowl Inserter • Wysong 1652 Shear 52" x 16 Ga, S/N F01-1442Connecticut 48" Box & Pan Brake, Lockformer Machine • (8) Paint Pressure Pots • Kremlin & Graco Danckaert Trimmer • Newton B100 2-Spindle Horz. Drill • Man-Lay Laminate Slitter • Rye Engineering Works 1.5hp Vertical Drill Head w/ (2) Spindles • Blum "Minipress" Single Spindle Hinge Borer • (3) Radial Saws • (3) Delta Table Saws • Groovers • Pneumatic Clamps • Miter Saws • Drill Presses • Hand-Held Bandsaws • Die Horses • Pallet Jacks • Wood Carts • Dollys • Tables Cabinets • C-Clamps • Orbital Sanders • Staple Guns • Nail Guns • Hand Routers • Office Equipment • & Much More

REAL ESTATE ALSO AVAILABLE: Approx 88,500 Sq Ft Building w/ 16,900 Sq Ft Of Sheds

In Conjunction With Maynards Industries.

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