Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction


Auction Dates:
Starts: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 10:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 760 E Huron Ave, Vassar, MI 48768


Complete Foundry Liquidation Including: 200-Ton THT Vertical Casting Machine • (30)+ BLO-CORE, SHALCO & HUTCHINSON Shell Mold Machines • (5)+ Large Capacity Dust Collectors(4) Wheelabrator Tumblasts • Sand Muller • Sand Handling • Shaker Conveyors • Late-Model Inspection Equipment: (2) Spectrometers, ZEISS CMM, X-Ray Machines, Furnaces, Ladles • (20)+ ForkliftsBOBCAT Skidsteers • Truck Scale • Bridge Cranes • (500)+ Corrugated Metal Tubs/Wire Baskets • (50) Self-Dumping Hoppers • Complete Maintenance Shops • Large Stores Inventory • Air Compressors • Boilers • HUGE SCRAP OPPORTUNITY!!!

Photo Gallery:


(2006) ABB 6-Axis Foundry Robotic Cell, Robot Mdl: IRB 4400/M98A, S/N 44- 12552, Teach Pendant, Videojet Excel Ink Printer Series 170 • KINGSBURY 4-Position Surfacing Machine, Mdl: 22-5000, S/N 57 558, (2) Work & (2) Load Positions • 6-Position Rotary Parts Loading Table, Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1250 Cell Controller, Chip Conveyor, 26" Belt Unload Conveyor, Safety Cage
ABB 6-Axis Foundry Robotic Cell, Ro- bot Mdl: IRB6400/M97, S/N 64-02597, Teach Pendant, Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1250 System Control, EMI Debonding Press, Safety Cage
(1999) ABB 6-Axis Foundry Robot, Mdl: IRB6400 M98, S/N 64-13406, 3000mm Max. Reach, Power Supply & Teach Pendant
(2005) ABB Robot Power Supply & Teach Pendant, Mdl: S4CPLUS M200, S/N 44-27622

(2003) THT 200-Ton Vertical Shuttle Type Casting Machine, S/N 3850, 44" x 38" Die Bed Area, CTC PARKER Controls, ITT Gema Optitronic Powder Coating Gun, Die Heaters • UNITHERM 2,200°F Melting & Holding Furnace, Mdl: GP1400 ALRZ, 1,400-lb. Capacity, Natural Gas • THERMAL CARE 10-HP Accuchiller, Mdl: LQ2A2004, S/N 01371010303, R-22 Refrigerant

(24) HUTCHINSON Shell Core Machines, Allen Bradley Panelview 300 Controls, Allen Bradley PowerFlex 700 AC Drives, Sand Delivery Hopper/Loader, Shalco or Shell Process Debonding Presses
(5) (1992) C&S PRODUCTS BLO-CORE Shell Molders, Mdl: 111-1622, (2) Core Boxes Each, Allen Bradley Panelview 300 Controls
(2002) SCHENCK AccuRate Batch Mixer, Mdl: MODMC-1G-2A, S/N 69100-01A- MECGM, w/Schenk Disomet B-Plus Weigh Terminal
Complete HEXA Sand/Mixing System, Assorted Green Sand Hoppers, Sand Elevators, Feeders & Transfers, Sand Flow Automation Center, Sand Muller
Casting Shake-Out & Cooling System, Complete Control Center
OAKITE Stripper Tank Complete Melted Material Transfer & Pouring System
UNITHERM 2,100°F Crucible Melter, Mdl: GP2400ALR, S/N 120502, Natural Gas, 2,400-lb. Capacity
INDUCTOTHERM Bath Type Electric Resistance Furnace Electric Crucible Furnace
(2) Reclaim Sand Silos w/Bryant Telescoper Lift Elevator Reject Casting Recycling System
(10) Crane Attaching Material Ladles
(7) 46" x 46" x 34" Sand Storage Containers

(3) WHEELABRATOR Tumblasts, 48" x 48" Rotary Tumbler, 34" x 11' Shaker Table, 48" x 55" x 9' Tilt Loader, S/N's A118687, A116516 & A119965
ECONOLINE 36" x 24" Abrasive Blast Cabinet, Lighted, Top & Side Openings
(1990) JET CF-4B Pass-Thru Type Wheelblast, 24" x 8" Openings, Media Recovery System, S/N JW-90070
(2) GOFF 2-Wheel Vertical Blast Cabinets, 27" x 24" x 52" Work Area, Loading & Blast Positions
(1999) CAE ALPHEUS CO2 Mini Blast Unit, Mdl: PLT-5X, S/N 0840
PANGBORN Rotoblast Rubber Belt Tumbler, S/N 3GNR-54409, 30" x 20" ID

BACT ENGINEERING 3-Bay Baghouse / Dust Collector, Mdl: BP-750-10W, S/N T029, 200-HP Blower, Auger Transfer Dump System
2-Baghouse & 3-Baghouse Dust Collector Systems
Single BAGHOUSE Dust Collector, 40-HP Aerovent Blower
2-Bin Baghouse, 125-HP
Blower Air Handler Systems

CINCINNATI Cintimatic 5V-1000 NC Machining Center, 44" x 20" T-Slot Table, Travels: 40" X-Axis, 20" Y-Axis, 8" Z-Axis, S/N 5525A01-77-30

VAN NORMAN 2R3 Universal Mill, 90° Head, 12" x 50" T-Slot Table, S/N 3240-969 BRIDGEPORT 1-HP Vertical Mill, 9" x 42" T-Slot Table, 80-2700 RPM, S/N 63078

BLANCHARD 42" Rotary Surface Grinder, 24" Grinding Head, S/N 13326
CINCINNATI #2 Tool & Cutter Grinder, S/N 1D2T1R-275
SETCO SPL Grinder, Type 9230525-8, 18"-30" Wheel, 25-HP, 1,210-2,016 Wheel RPM, S/N 246931
(2) FOX Grinders, Mdl: 11734, S/N's 4046910 & 4046915

LEBLOND 24" x 26" Engine Lathe, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, 24" Swing Over Bed, 18" Swing Over Carriage, 26" Between Centers, 1-5/8" Thru Spindle, 25-1,000 RPM, Threading, Taper, Removable Chip Pan, S/N 4F917
LEBLOND 18" x 55" Engine Lathe, 12" 3-Jaw Chuck, 18" Swing Over Bed, 10" Swing Over Carriage, 55" Between Centers, 1-5/8" Thru Spindle, 25-1,000 RPM, Threading, Removable Chip Pan, S/N 6E-630
CINCINNATI 16" x 45" Engine Lathe, Mdl: 15L, 8" 3-Jaw Chuck, 16" Swing Over Bed, 10" Over Carriage, 45" Between Centers, 1-1/2" Thru Spindle, 35-1,200 RPM, Threading, S/N 1RWZE5M-46

DOALL 10" x 16" Horizontal Band Saw, Mdl: C-4, S/N 234-732405 KALAMAZOO 8" x 16" Horizontal Band Saw
WILTON 7" x 10" Horizontal Band Saw, Mdl: 3410 JET 11" x 18" Vertical Band Saw, Mdl: JWBS-18X-3, 19" x 19" Tilt Table, Fence
WILTON Tradesman 6" x 14" Vertical Band Saw, 39-3,000 FPM, 14" x 14" Tilt Table, S/N 1148201
DELTA 4" x 14" Vertical Band Saw, 14" x 14" Tilt Table
ROLL-IN 15" x 8" Vertical Band Saw, Mdl: EF1459, 18-1/2" x 29-3/4" Work Table, S/N 01095EF

CANNEDY-OTTO 9" x 36" Radial Arm Drill, 85-1800 RPM, Power Elevation, Drill Box, S/N T-1103
CLAUSING 20" Drill Press, Mdl: 2274, 150-2,000 RPM, 19-1/2" x 22" Table, S/N 506070
ROCKWELL DELTA 15" Drill Press, Mod- el 15-665, 11" x 14" Table, S/N 1752089
CANEDY-OTTO 18" Drill Press, 400- 1,750 RPM, 15" x 16" Table, S/N 6682
CANEDY-OTTO 17" Bench Top Drill Press
DELTA 48" Bench Top Drill, Mdl: 15- 600, Articulated Head, S/N 1391376

KR WILSON 150-Ton Shop Press, Mdl: 37KAA-M01, 47" Between Housings, Electric/Hydraulic, S/N 5051
SCOTCHMAN Cold Saw w/Vise, Mdl: 350LT, S/N B78410207
KALAMAZOO 14" & EVERETT 12/14" Abrasive Chop Saws
CLIPPER Block Buster Brick Saw
RIDGID #535 Pipe Threader Numerous Double End Pedestal Grinders, Belt Grinders, Belt/Disc Sanders, Drill Point Grinders
ATLAS #2 Arbor Press Rotary Tumble Mill, 50" x 40" Tank, Controls
14" x 14" & PALMGREN 10" Rotary Tables

HYPERTHERM Powermax 1000G3 Plasma Cutter
THERMAL ARC 400S Plasma Cutter
MILLER Bobcat 225G Plus Welding Generator, Gas, 8,000 Watt Generator, Dolly Mount
MILLER Invision 456 MIG Welder, S/N LF087227, 450-AMP w/MILLER 70 Series Wire Feeder
LINCOLN Idealarc DC400 MIG Welder, S/N AC593187 w/LINCOLN LN-7 Wirefeed MILLER Syncrowave 350LX TIG Welder, 350-AMP @ 40%, S/N LB011353
LINCOLN SAE 400 & SAE 300 Stick Welders
HOBART TR-250 Stick Welder, 250-AMP @ 30%
LINCOLN Shieldarc SA-200 Stick Welder, Diesel, 200-AMP @ 60%, Trailer Mount, S/N A932663
PHOENIX 100°-550°F Dry Rod Oven, Type 300, Mdl: 16, Welding Wire, Rod Material, Welding Hoods

GARDNER DENVER 100-HP (Est.) Electrasaver Rotary Screw Air Compressor
HYDROVANE 5-HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Mdl: 25, 60-Gallon Tank Mount
QUINCY Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Mdl: QSI-350-ANA3
INGERSOLL RAND XLE Series Air Compressor, S/N JH4006, Size 18-1/2"- 11-1/2" x 8-1/2"
PURIFICATION CK22A Refrigerated Air Dryer, 350-CFM, R-22 Refrigerant
SULLAIR SR-1200 Refrigerated Air Dryer, R404 Refrigerant, S/N 3131040001

ZEISS Eclipse 2828 CMM, S/N 940802292, Travels: 28" X-Axis, 28" Y-Axis, 20" Z-Axis, Zeiss Probe & DCC, 40" x 41" x 8" Granite Surface Plate, Wilkerson Air Dryer
(2007) SPECTROMAXX Spectrometer, Mdl: LMF04, S/N 07000961
SPECTRO Spectrolab Spectrometer, Mdl: LAVFA18B, S/N 4I0069
SPECTROMAX Spectrometer
TYLER RX-29 Rotap Sieve Shaker
TYLER Ultrasonic Test Sieve Cleaner
EXPLORANIUM Gamma Ray Scintillometer, Mdl: GR-110
EXPLORANIUM Radiation Detection System
LECO C-200 Carbon Analyzer, S/N 3123 TIF 8850 Combustible Gas Detector
ALNOR Velometer & KURZ 441 Air Velocity Meters
UE Ultrasonic Inspection System
DWYER Portable Manometer, Mdl: 475
BUEHLER Duomet II Dual Belt Grinder, Mdl: 16-1290-160, S/N 388-NDMT-1096
BUEHLER Metaserve Abrasive Cutter
BUEHLER Metadi Diamond Power Lapping Machine
SIMPSON Gerosa Universal Sand Strength Tester, Mdl: 42104
BUEHLER Ecomet Twin V/S Polisher/Grinder
BUEHLER Ecomet IV Polisher/Grinder
SWISHER Mark V Swing Head Grinder
BUEHLER Isomet Low Speed Saw
STRUERS Labopress 3
THERMOLYNE Electric Lab Oven, Mdl: 62700 VWR Laboratory Oven
SERVICE PHYSICAL 40,000-lb. Capacity Strain Tester, Mdl: UT40-TA10
(3) SERVICE PHYSICAL TESTING H9-6 Brinell Hardness Testers
SIMPSON GEROSA Distortion Test Piece Maker, Mdl: 42109, S/N 0598001
SIMPSON GEROSA Hot Distortion Tester
(2) SIMPSON GEROSA Hot Tensile Testers
UNIMET Unitron Microscope, Mdl: 7173
(2) Laboratory Microscopes
EXCELL Digital Gram Scale, SATORIUS BP-110 Gram Scale
CUTLER HAMMER D120 Programmable Controller
ALLEN BRADLEY Panelview Controls
COLE PARMER Digital Thermometer, Mdl: 39650-02
LEEDS NORTHRUP Potentiometer Indicator
SIMPSON Volt Meter Pressure Test Gages
VIDEOSTIK Boroscope BOREMATIC 568 Bore Gages
SHRIMPO DT-250L Laser Tachometer
HONEYWELL Enforcer Test & Calibration Accessory
STARRETT Machine Level
MITUTOYO 6" Digital Vernier
STARRETT 12" & 25" Verniers
STARRETT 6-12" OD Micrometer Set

TOYOTA 10,000-lb. Forklift, Mdl: 52-6FGCU45, LP, 147.5" Lift, Solid Tire, Side Shift, ROPS, S/N 60320
(3) YALE 8,350-lb. Forklifts, Mdl: GLC080VXNGSF084, LP, 121" Lift, Solid Tires, Side Shift, ROPS, S/N's E818V01960E, E818V01961E & N/A
(2007) HYSTER 8,000-lb. Forklift, Mdl: H80FT, S/N N005V03160E, LPG, Pneumatic Tires, 2-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Lever Shift
(2003) HYSTER 8,000-lb. Forklift, Mdl: S80XM, S/N E004V03288A, LPG, Solid Tires, 2-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Fork Positioner, Lever Shift
MITSUBISHI 8,000-lb. Forklift, Mdl: FGC40K, S/N AF8700528, LPG, Solid Tires, 3-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Lever Shift
MITSUBISHI 8,000-lb. Forklift, Mdl: FG40K, LP, 131" Lift, Cushion Tires, Side Shift, ROPS, S/N AF29C0069
(4) TOYOTA 7,250-lb. Forklifts, Mdl: 7FGCU35, LP, 187" Lift, Solid Tires, Side Shift, ROPS, S/N 63393, 63421, 63414 & 63416 (Enclosed)
(2) TOYOTA 6,850-lb. Forklift, Mdl: 7FGU35-BCS, LP, 199" Lift, Solid Tires, Side Shift, ROPS, S/N's 62252 & 62325
TOYOTA 5,000-lb. Forklift, Mdl: 7FGU25, LP, 3-Stage Mast, Solid Tires, Side Shift, ROPS, S/N 74300
YALE 2,000-lb. (Est.) Standup Electric Forklift
(13) YALE 6,000 - 8,000-lb. Forklifts, LP, Solid Tire (Parts/Repair)

Truck Scale System
SHEPPARD NILES 10-Ton x 75' Span Bridge Crane, Double Girder, Top Running Bridge & Hoist, Control Cab, S/N 69314
NORTHERN 5-Ton x 75' Span Bridge Crane, Double Girder, Top Running Bridge & Hoist, Control Cab
1/2-Ton Bridge Crane System, Underhung Bridge & Hoist, Chainfall Hoist, Ceiling Mounted Rails
(4) 16' x 1/2-Ton Bridge Cranes, Underhung, Bridge & Hoist, Ceiling Mount Rails, No Hoists
1/2-Ton Beam Mount Jib, Electric Hoist
400' (Est.) Yard Crane Raceway & Uprights
(2012) LONGI 58" Electro Magnet, Mdl: LMN150, S/N QY12040052
OHIO Electro Magnet
GROVE AMZ36E Boom Lift, 30' Lift, Electric, Pneumatic Tires, S/N 37158
SKYJACK Platform Scissor Lift, 20' Lift, Electric, Solid Tire, On-board Charger
(3) YALE 6,000-lb. Electric Pallet Jacks
(2) TAYLOR DUNN Electric Maintenance Carts, Pneumatic Tires w/ Chargers
(64) Dump Hoppers to 1-Yard Capacity • (200+) 60" x 34" x 63" Steel Wheel Material Transfer Carts • (250+) 48" x 35" x 32" Stackable Corrugated Metal Tubs • (250+) 34" x 28" x 24" & 47" x 38" x 30" Wire Knockdown Baskets • Assorted Roller Conveyor • (2) Forklift Attaching Manlifts • Forklift & Crane Attaching Drum Lifts • Forklift Jib

(1984) INTERNATIONAL T/A Dump Truck, Mdl: 1924 6x4, Gas, 5-Speed, AM/FM, 11'/8.5 Cu/Yard Dump Body, Cab Shield, VIN 1HTLJECR3EHA3

BOBCAT Skid Steer, Diesel, 84" Bucket
THOMAS Mdl: 137 Skid Steer, Diesel, .39 Cu/Yard Bucket
DVORAK Ironworker, Mdl: 1205, 12" Plate Shear, 3" x 3" Angle Shear, Punch, S/N 12051971
OVEN SYSTEMS Gas Fired Oven, Natural Gas, Mesh Conveyor, 19" x 19" Adjustable Openings, S/N 5134
ELECTRA 2,300/1,200°F Electric Toolroom Oven, Mdl: 91019, S/N 0419
(2) COLUMBIA MARKING TOOL Stamp Machines, S/N's Z7985 & Z6019
METTLER TOLEDO 100-lb. Digital Platform Scale w/DRO, w/48" x 48" Floor Scale
METTLER TOLEDO 70-lb. Digital Platform Scale w/DRO
(15) TAYLOR 70-lb. Pull Scales
WASTE MINIMIZER Oil Separator System
(2) TENNANT Riding Floor Scrubbers, Gas, S/N's 800-1302 & 6600-21014
NOBLES Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber, Electric w/Charger
(2) RAMCO Parts Washers • Spill Containment Pallets • New Transfer Augers • Assorted Shakers & Belt Conveyors • (2) 24" x 20' Belt Conveyors • (2) Gas Powered Pressure Washers • GRACO Mdl: 3000 Gas Powered Line Striper • Gas Powered Trash Pumps • NERPAC Rams & Hand Pumps • GRACO Pneumatic Paint Pump
SQUARE D 75-KVA & DUNCAN 63-KVA Transformers
EXIDE 24-Volt Battery Charger, Mdl: NPC12-3-680L, 680 AH • GNB Ferrocharger 12-Volt Forklift Battery Charger, Mdl: GT6-600S1, 600 AH • YALE 12- Volt Charger, Mdl: 3YTF6-450, 450 AH Lots of Scrap Metal, Machines, Dies (30+) Modular Tool Cabinets • (25) LISTA Modular Cabinet Bases • Jobsite Tool Boxes • Flammables Storage Cabinets
(50+) 10' x 36" x 12' Die Racks, 3,000-lb. Capacity • Assorted Sizes of Pallet Racking • Rolling Parts Carts • 2-Wheel Hand Carts • Banding & Strapping Carts • Ladders: 20' & 24' Extension, 3'-12' Folding Fiberglass • Pedestal Fans • 6" - 18" C-Clamps • Steel Dock Plates • (4) MULTITON Machine Skates • SIMPLEX Jacks
Large Machine Parts Inventory • PROTO 250 Ft/Lb. Click Type Torque Wrench • Wrenches • Hand Tools • Threading Dies • Gear Pullers • O-rings • Hardware • Taps • Drills • Conduit Fittings • Tube Clamps • Grinding & Sanding Discs • Electrical Wire • Circuit Breakers & Fuses • Relays • Controls • Pneumatic Fittings • PPE Gear • Electric Motors • Gorman Rupp Pumps • Speed Reducers • Centrifugal Pumps •Bearings • Seals • Bearing Pillows • Gears • Linear Actuators • Pulleys • Pneumatic Grease Guns

(50+) Steel/Laminate Desk Sets • File Cabinets • Tables • Bookcases • Printers • Copiers • Fax Machines • Locker Room Lockers • Microwaves • Refrigerators

In Conjunction With Myron Bowling Auctioneers, Inc. & Maynards Industries

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