Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction


Auction Dates:
Starts: Thursday, November 6, 2014 - 9:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 6005 Port Rd, New Iberia, LA 70560


Heavy Fab Equipment Including: 2006 VERNON MPM5-342 5-Axis Pipe Cutting Machine • ESAB Sabre SXE Plasma Cutter • 1996 BERTSCH 3.5" x 10' 4-Roll Hyd. Plate Roll • BERTSCH 1.5" x 8' Plate Roll • GIRTH Seam Welding Lines • RANSOME RerounderRANSOME, ARONSON, PRESTON EASTON & WELDSALE Manipulators • Tank Turning Rolls • (100+) Welders • (8) LINCOLN Fume Collectors • Hydraulic Press Brake • Shear • Iron Workers • Pin Wheels • (6) MANITOWOC 40-TON Crawler Cranes • (16) LANDEL 20-Ton Double-Girder Bridge Cranes, Many With 75' Hook Height • (10+) Cranes To 10-Ton • (5) Gantry Cranes To 30-Ton • Forklifts To 12,000# • EZ GO Golf Carts • Sandblast Pots & Hoppers • (20+) Land & Sea Containers • Lots of Valves, Actuators & Spare Parts (BRAND NEW) • Lots of Scrap Metal & Much More.

Photo Gallery:


1998 BERTSCH 10' x 3.94" Capacity (60,000 PSI Ten/40,000 PSI Yield), Model 34, 35" & 23" Interchangeable Top Rolls, 35" Lower Roll, 32" Side Rolls, 0-14 FPM Rolling Speed, Morrell Unitized Hyd. System w/Dual 125-HP Pumps, Trabon Auto Lubrication System, Digital Roll Position Indicators, Cone Rolling Attach., Joystick Control Pedestal, S/N M-10888

BERTSCH 10' x 2" Capacity, Model 24, 22-1/2" Dia. Top Roll, 23-1/2" Lower Rolls, Geared Rear Roll, Grooved Lower Rolls, Cut Steel Drive Gears, 100-HP Drive Motor, Rewired w/New Controls By Bertsch, S/N M-9267

VERNON TOOL, Retrofitted/Rebuilt in 2005, Model MPM5, Vernon PC Based CNC Control, Out-of-Round Detector 42" Max. / 3-1/2" Min. Pipe Dia., Oxy/Fuel Torch Head, 36'L Infeed/Rotation Conveyor, 20' Outfeed Powered V-Roll Conveyor, Approx. 66'L V-Roll Infeed Conveyor, Roller Magazine Side Racks to Infeed Conveyor, S/N 6151R

2005 ESAB "SABRE SXE", Model SFX4500 VIS LE-FX, Esab Vision LE CNC Control, 167" Max. Single Station Cross Cut, 45' Total Length, 2-1400 IPM Speed Range, Oxy/Fuel Torch, Motorized Torch Holder, S/N 0560940618
2005 PLASMA SYSTEMS INC., Burney Model 1400 Plus CNC Control, 10' Max. Cutting Width, 40' Max. Cutting Length, (2) Oxy / Fuel Cutting Torches w/Auto Torch Height Controllers, S/N N/A

(2) Custom Built Twin Wire Sub-Arc Longitudinal Seam Welders, Approx. 19' Total Welding Length, 12' Max. Dia. of Pipe to be Welded, Lincoln DC1000 & AC1200 Power Supplies, Twin Wire Welding Head w/Dual Lincoln NA4 & NA3N Controls, Invincible Flux Vacuum, Joe Fuller Built-in 30-Ton Power & Idler Turning Roll Set, (3) Rubber Coated Wheels, V/S Wire Power Unit w/(1) Idler, Operator's Platform, Manual Chain Hoist Beam Elevation w/Positive Locking, Approx. 200' Total Length Continuous Roller Deck
DEUMA Twin Wire Sub-Arc Internal Seam Welder, Model 13000, Lincoln DC1000 Power Supply, Lincoln NA-3N Control Unit, Cyclomatic Pacemaster 1 Seam Tracker, Rail Mounted Car, 30-Ton Weldwire Power & Idler Units, S/N 6407
Custom Twin Weld Beveller, Flame Beveling Station w/(2) Oxy/Fuel Flame Beveling Heads, 30-Ton Weldwire Power & Idler Units
1998 RANSOME Manipulator-Style Pipe Rerounder, 29" to 83" ID, Single Ram Wedge-Style Expansion Head, Fixed Manipulator Base, 12' Reach, 10' Max. Height, S/N 970183
Custom 3-Station Girth Seam Welder, 44' System Total Width, (3) Twin Wire Sub-Arc Welding Heads w/Lincoln DC1000 & AC1200 Power Supplies & Lincoln NA4 & NA-3N Weld Controls, Lincoln Twin Wire Feeder System, Invincible Flux Vacuums, (3) Ransome 60-Ton (Est.) Power & Idler Turning Roll Sets w/Kickoffs (each set: (1) Power & (3) Idlers w/2-Way Kickoff Arms Mounted to 5' x 30' Fabricated Steel I-Beam Base, Aux. Welding Beam - Currently No Welding Equip.), Approx. 140'L Deck
RANSOME Internal Girth Seam Welder, Model 1212, 12' Vertical, 27' Stroke on Horizontal Beam, Lincoln Single Wire Sub-Arc Welding Head, Lincoln DC1000 Power Supply System, Cleveland Motion Controls, Pacemaster Seam Tracker

ARONSON Model 616VRA7CL-SK, 123" Max. Lift Height, 216" Reach, Twin Wire Sub-Arc Head w/Lincoln NA4 & NA-3N Weld Controls, Swivel Base, Car Mounted, 2-Axis Power Slide, Lincoln AC1200 & DC1500 Power Supplies, Car Mounted, Pendant Control, S/N 79198
1999 WELDWIRE Model WM1414SD, 800-lb. Capacity Each End, 12' x 12' Capacity, Spider Base, Twin Wire Sub-Arc Welding System w/Lincoln NA4 & NA-3N Weld Controls, Rotating Column, Lincoln DC1000 & AC1200 Power Supplies, S/N 953990
RANSOME Model 1212, Twin Wire Sub-Arc, Spider Base, Rotating Column, Lincoln AC1200 & DC1000 Power Supplies, S/N 6219832
RANSOME Model 1212, 12' x 12' Capacity, Swivel Base, Mounted to 2" x 50" x 96" Steel Plate, S/N 6219827
2002 PRESTON EASTON Model MA99MD, 11' Lift Range, 10' Reach, Powered Cart Base, Single Wire Sub-Arc Welding Head, Lincoln DC1000 Power Supply, Single Axis Manual Slide, Lincoln NA-3N Sub-Arc Weld Control, S/N MC99MD-31
PANDJIRIS Model 1000 Sub-Arc, 10' x 10' Capacity, Lincoln Twin Wire Sub-Arc Arrangement w/NA-3N & NA4 Weld Controls, Lincoln DC1000 & AC1200 Power Supplies, Car Mounted, Powered Car Base w/Rotating Boom, Heavy Electrical Festooning, S/N 100-8293
PANDJIRIS Model 1144HD, Adj. Cantilever Arm, Approx. 100" Max. Distance Weld Tip to Arm, Powered Car Base, Miller SRH444 & L-Tec VR801CV Power Supplies, Assorted Accessories, S/N 400-7947
Custom Gooseneck Sub-Arc Welder w/Lincoln NA-3N Control, Lincoln DC600 Power Supply, Power Arm Adj., Manual Roller Car Base
Custom Gooseneck, Approx. 5' Vertical Travel, Gooseneck Style Arm w/4" Adj., Single Wire Lincoln Sub-Arc Welding Head, Roller Cart Base, Lincoln NA-3N Control
Custom 6' x 6', Oxy/Fuel Cutting Head, Single Axis Slide, Powered Long. & Vert. Motions, Powered Car Motions, Portable, On-cart Base

1995 PRESTON EASTON 3,000-lb. Capacity, Model PA-30HD6, Pendant Control, 36" Dia. T-Slotted Platen, Foot Pedal Control, S/N PA-30HD-115
Custom 18" Rotary Pipe Manipulator, 18" Dia. 3-Jaw Chuck, 6" Hollow Spindle, Heavy Fabricated Steel Base, V/S Drive, Foot Pedal, Pendant Control
(6) Custom 12" Pipe Manipulators, 12" Dia. 3-Jaw Chuck, V/S Drive, Assorted Pipe Clamp Attachments, Pendant & Foot Pedal Controls

1998 RANSOME, HD V-Roll Construction, 52' Total Length, Skid Mounted, S/N 970113

WELDWIRE 120-Ton Power Turning Roll Set, V/S Control, (4) 20" Dia. x 8" Rubber Tires w/Overload Disks, Adj. Spacing
RANSOME 120-Ton Power Turning Roll Set, (4) 20" Dia. x 6" Tires, Adj. Spacing, V/S, Pendant Control
WELDWIRE 60-Ton Power Turning Power & Idler Set, Model WRD-120, 120,000-lb. Support Capacity, 60-Ton Idler, Triple 20" Dia. Rubber Tires, S/N 995392
(2) WELDWIRE 60-Ton Idler Rolls, Model WWRT-120, S/N 990903, S/N 992904
WELDWIRE 10-Ton Idler Turning Roll, Model WWRL-20, S/N 9844
Custom 60-Ton (Est.) Power & Idler Set, Approx. 36'L, 20" Dia. Rubber Tires on Power Drive, V/S, AC Inverter Drive, (3) Idlers Mounted to a Common I-Beam Frame
Custom 60-Ton Idler
Custom 60-Ton (Est.) Idler Roll, Triple Rubber Tires
WELDWIRE 60-Ton Idler Roll, Model WRI-120M, S/N N/A
Custom 60-Ton Idler Rolls, Triple Tires
Pair of WELDWIRE 60-Ton Idler Turning Rolls, Model WRI-120
Custom 90-Ton (Est.) Idler Roll, (4) 18" Dia. Rubber Wheels w/Overload Disks, HD Steel Frame
Wide Selection of 15-Ton to 90-Ton Idler Turning Rolls (PANDJIRIS & MISSOURI MULE & Several Custom Units)
ARONSON 90-Ton Unitized Pipe Turning Roll Set, Triple Rubber Tired Power Unit, (4) Aronson 15-Ton Idlers, Approx. 45'L Fabricated Steel Runway Base, Fabricated Steel Roller Stand
PRESTON EASTON 10-Ton Power Turning Roll Set, Rubber Tires, Overload Discs, w/Idler Rolls, S/N N/A

(2) HYPERTHERM Plasma Power Supplies, Model MAX200, 150V, 200 AMP, 100% Duty Cycle, Hand Cutting Torches, Roller Cart Base, S/N 200-003266 & 200-003982
(70) Welders to 1000-AMP (LINCOLN, MILLER, GOLDSTAR)
HENKEL KHTF600 Flux Oven, 2,000 Watt, S/N 79201 • HENKEL KF300 Flux Oven, 1,000 Watt, S/N 60502 • (2) Manual Weld Stands, HD Steel Fabricated Base, Approx. 24" Reach, (1) w/2-Axis Slide Head, (1) w/Plain Welding Head • (8) LINCOLN Mobileflex 200-MCPL Electric Weld Fume Vacuums, Self-Contained Units, Articulating Vacuum Boom • Portable EBI Hydraulic Power Supply Unit, 1,500 PSI to 3,000 PSI, Diesel Engine, Skid Base w/Built-In Tank, Hyd. Pump • Pipe Welding Bench w/Jigs & Fixtures • (15) 480V to 110V Power Supply Stations • Welding Hose & Welding Leads • 30" Pipe Cutting Saddle
1994 ACCURPRESS 12" x 400-Ton Press Brake, Model 740012, 10'-6" Distance Between Housings, 12'L Overall Bed & Ram, Pedestal Control w/Foot Switch, 12' 4-Way Die, Light Curtain Safety Device, S/N 2450
ACCURSHEAR 10' x 1/2" Shear, Model 850010, Front Operated CNC Backgauge, S/N N/A
PIRANHA 90-Ton Ironworker, Model P90, 1-1/8" Dia. Through 1" Punch Cap., 1" x 12" Flat Bar Cap., 1/2" x 20" Flat Bar Cap., 6" x 6" x 5-1/8" Angle Shear Cap., 2" Round Bar Shear Cap., Coping Attach., Punch Table, H.D. Punch Stripper, Assorted Punches & Dies, S/N P90-608
METAL MUNCHER 40-Ton Ironworker, Model MM40, 18" Flat Shear, Skid Mounted, Punch End, Coper, S/N 055650701

SAVAGE CAMPBELL 22" Abrasive Cutoff Saw, Model 22A, Swivel Vise, Assorted Conveyor, S/N 801954
CAMPBELL 22" Abrasive Cutoff Saw, 15-HP, Swivel Vise, Fabricated Steel Base
MEHL MACHINERY 20" Abrasive Cutoff Saw, Heavy Fabricated Base, Infeed Table
(2) JET 20" Abrasive Cutoff Saw, Model COM-20, 7-1/2 HP, Swivel Vise, S/N 473, S/N N/A
EVERETT 22" Abrasive Cutoff Saw, Model 20-22, 10-HP, Fabricated Stand, S/N 03-10110
MODIG Radial Arm Drill, Model RBM208B, 100-1280 RPM, 24" Travel, 8" Column, Swing-Away T-Slotted Table & Vise, S/N 4995
CINCINNATI BICKFORD "Super Service" Radial Arm Drill, 6' x 17" Column, S/N 5E-149
RIDGID 535 PIPE THREADER, 2" Pipe & Bolt Threader, S/N EAM14368G97

GAFFEY 30-Ton x 64' Span, 26' Ht. Under Hook, AC Powered, Pendant Control, S/N N/A
(2) KRANCO 15-Ton, 60' (Est.) Distance Between Uprights, Linear Rail, Approx. 12' Cantilever Section of LH Side, S/N 8799A & 8799B
(2) 5-Ton x 55' (Est.) Span, AC Powered, Pendant Control, (1) w/Kone 10,000 Kg Unitized Hoist

(4) GAFFEY 25-Ton x 67' (Est.) Span, Double Box Girder, 29'-10" Under Hook, Pendant Control, S/N 97-4097-02 (1997), S/N 97-4097-01 (1997), S/N 00-4364-01 (2000), S/N S/N 00-4363-01 (2000)
(15) LANDEL 20-Ton x 68' (Est.) Span, Double Box Girder, 78' Lift Height, Center Drive, Dbl. Box Girder, Pendant Control, Many Recently Updated w/Power Electronic International Controls
LANDEL 20-Ton x 68' (Est.), 38' Under Hook, Pendant Control
2004 OLYMPIC CRANES 10-Ton x 54' Span, Single Girder, Top Running, Underhung Shawbox, Wire Rope Hoist & Trolley, Dbl. End Drive, V/SBridge & Trolley Motions, Pendant Control, S/N 04099191
1997 GAFFEY 10-Ton x 54' Span, Single Girder, Top Running, Underhung Shawbox, Wire Rope Hoist & Trolley, Dbl. End Drive, Pendant Control, S/N 97-4097-03
KONE 10-Ton x 62' (Est.) Span, Double Box Girder Construction, Unitized Hoist & Trolley
(2) Custom 5-Ton x 66' Span, Single Girder, 38' Under Hook, Unitized Underhung Hoist & Trolley, Dbl. End Drive, Pendant Control
(2) LANDEL 5-Ton x Approx. 55' Span, 24' Under Hook, Single Girder, Center Drive, Underhung Hoist, Pendant Control, S/N A1666, S/N A1572
(2) Custom 5-Ton x 55' Span, Approx. 24' Under Hook, Underhung, Single Girder, Dbl. End Drive, Pendant Control
LANDEL 10-Ton x 51' Span, Double Girder, Top Running, Center Drive, Pendant Control, S/N A299
ROBBINS & MYERS 10-Ton x 51' Span, Double Girder, Top Running, Center Drive, Pendant Control

(2) Custom 5-Ton x 42' Reach, Wire Rope Hoist, Pendant Control, Powered Trolley
Custom 2-Ton x 30' Reach, 17' Under Arm, Wire Rope Hoist, Pendant Control
Custom 2-Ton x 39' Reach, YALE 2-Ton Wire Rope Hoist, 24' Under Beam, Floor Mounted Swivel Bearing & Upper Column Mount, Pendant Control
(2) ABELL-HOWE 2-Ton x 12' Reach, W/O Hoists
Custom 2-Ton x 19' Reach, Acu-Rite Wire Rope Hoist, Pendant Control
(2) Custom 1-Ton x 12' Reach, Acu-Rite 1-Ton Wire Rope Hoist, Pendant Control

MANITOWOC Model 2250, 300-Ton, 180' #44 Main Boom, 40' #132 Fixed Jib, 300-Ton Main Block & 15-Ton Ball, Cummins N-14 Engine, EPIC Control System, LSI Load Meter, Temp. Controlled Cab, S/N 2251023
MANITOWOC Model VICON 4100W, 230-Ton, 180' #22 Main Boom, 40' #123 Fixed Jib, Cummins N-14 –VCF#55 Engine, 200-Ton Block & Ball, S/N 413053
MANITOWOC Model VICON 4100W, 230-Ton, 190' #22 Main Boom, 40' #123 Fixed Jib, Cummins N-14 –VCF#55 Engine, 200-Ton Block & Ball, S/N 413052
MANITOWOC Model VICON 4100W, 230-Ton, 190' #22 Main Boom, 40' #123 Fixed Jib, CAT D-343TA Engine, 200-Ton Block & Ball, Martin Decker Crane Scale, S/N 41054
MANITOWOC Model VICON 4000W, 150-Ton, 150' #17 Main Boom, 30' #123 Fixed Jib, Cummins N7A-855 Engine, 150-Ton Main Block & Ball, S/N 40345
MANITOWOC Model VICON 4000W, 150-Ton, 80' #17 Main Boom, CAT D-343T Engine, 150-Ton Main Block, S/N 40733
30' Jib, 30' & 50' Boom Sections MANITOWOC Model 4000 or 4100 Cranes

JLG 500-lb. Boom Lift, Model HXER110, 110' Reach, Diesel, 500-lb. Cap. Articulating Basket, Extendable Wheel Base, S/N 030891316

CASE 6,000-lb. Rough Terrain Forklift, Model 586, 19.5L0-24 Rough Terrain Front Tires, 60" Fork Carriage, 48" Forks, 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine, S/N N/A (Needs repair)

HITACHI SUPER Model GX200LC Track-Type Excavator, S/N N/A (Needs repair)

2008 HYSTER 12,000-lb. Fork Lift, Model S120FT, LPG, GM Engine, Solid Tires, 3-Stage Mast, 194" Lift, Side Shift, Fork Positioner
2008 HYSTER 12,000-lb. Fork Lift, Model S120FTS, Gas, GM Engine, Solid Tires, 85/111" 2-Stage Mast, Lever Shift, 3-Way Valve
(2) 2008 HYSTER 8,000-lb. Fork Lifts, Model S80FT, LPG, GM Engine, Solid Tires, 3-Stage Mast, 194" Lift, Side Shift, Fork Positioner
CATERPILLAR 8,000-lb. Forklift, Model DP40, Diesel, 185" Lift, (7,800-lb. Capacity), 48"W Fork Carriage, 42" Forks, S/N 3CM-00213
14'W Powered Material Cart • 15' Spreader Beam, 20-Ton (Est.) Capacity • Over (15) HD Plate Clamps • (2) BUCKS Magnetic Plate Lifters • Wide Assortment Lifting Chains & Hooks • INGERSOLL RAND Pneumatic Tugger • Huge Assortment of Shackles, Hooks & Chokers • Portable 36"W x 12'L Manbasket, Cantilever Design, Tubular Steel Construction, Skid Base
Pallet Racking: (31) Heavy Duty Sections, Adj. Height, 10'H Uprights, 8' Cross Beams, 3-Level Shelves, 3,000-lb. Capacity/Shelf • (13) Sections, 14' Uprights, 96"W Cross Beams, 3-Level Shelves, 3,000-lb. Capacity/Shelf • (17) Sections, 6'H, 8' Cross Beams, 3-Levels

2000 WESTERN STAR 4964EX 18-Wheel Truck Tractor, 52,000-lb. GVWR, S60 Engine, RTLO16913A Trans., E120001 Front Axle, DS404P Rear Axle, Sleeper Cab, Mileage Unknown, VIN 2WKEDDXJ4YK964063
1995 PETERBILT 18-Wheel Truck Tractor, 50,000-lb. GVWR, Detroit Diesel Engine, Eaton Fuller Trans., Sleeper Cab, 608,000 Miles, VIN 1XCDR9X4TN373375 (unlicensed)

2003 CHEVROLET 1500HE LT Pickup Truck, Crew Cab, Trailer Hitch, Mileage Unknown, VIN 1GCGC13U23F225175

Custom 72" (Est.) Dia. x 22'H, Skid Frame Mounted, Air Manifold, Multiple Connections, Machine No. D4
(4) Custom 10' Sq. x 12'H, Fabricated Steel Frame, Multiple Outlets, Access Ladders, Machine No. D5
(2) Custom 8' Dia. x 14'H w/Man Entry, Heavy Fabricated Steel Legs, Cone Bottom & Access Ladders
DRECO 6' Dia. x 20'H Sand Tank w/Man Entry, Heavy Fabricated Steel Base, Cone Bottom, Multiple Outputs & Access Ladders

Approx. 5,000-Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank, 10' Dia. x Approx. 18'L, Spill Containment Vessel, HD Air Operated Pump • 500 Gallon (Est.) Diesel Fuel Tank, 11'L, Spill Containment Vessel • Diesel Fuel Tank, 24" Dia. x 96"L, Built-in Spill Containment Vessel • Diesel Fuel Tank, 42" Dia. x 72"L, Fabricated Steel Frame
2,000-Gallon Poly Plastic Water Tank, Fabricated Steel Frame

QUINCY 200-HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Model QSI-750ACA31C, Air Cooled, Skid Mounted, Noise Enclosure, S/N 96600T
GRIMMER SCHMIDT 60-HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor, 250 CFM @ 125 PSI, 480V, Air Cooled, Fabricated Steel Frame, S/N 22792M
QUINCY 10-HP Twin Head Reciprocating-Type Air Compressor, Portable, Fabricated Skid Base
INGERSOLL RAND 20-HP Air Compressor, Model 15T, Portable, 90-Gallon Tank, Fabricated Steel Frame, S/N 30T-613346
(4) JOY Reciprocating Air Compressors, Model E/WM112 (Parts Only)

Over (25) Portable Electrical Power Stations, 480V Input, Multiple 110V Receptacles, Breaker Boxes, SQUARE D 15 KVA Single Phase Transformer, Large Amount of Extension Cable, Fabrication Steel Frame
SPECIALTY LIGHTING Portable Light Tower, 480V Operation, Trailer Base
Custom Built Jet Pump, Patterson Split Case Pump w/4" Output, Detroit 8-Cylinder Diesel Engine, Fuel Tank, Skid Frame Mounted
Tremendous Assortment of Gate Valves & Fittings Including (100+) Brand New VELAN, AIL, KITZ & MSI Gate Valves to 12" Capacity w/Operator's, Most Are Steel Body • Several Gate Valves: KITZ & AIL 150-lb. & 300-lb. Capacity to 24" • Weld Fittings: 90° & 45° Elbows, Couplings, Flanges, Etc., to 18" Dia., (3) 24" T Sections • Assorted Weld & Threaded Fittings
(16) CONNEX 20' Shipping Containers w/open & closed top
CONNEX 40' Shipping Container (converted into a paint kitchen w/ventilation system)
Waste Management Solvent Still, Digital Temp. Controls • Recovery Hoses • (4) 24" High Velocity 480V Fans on Roller Carts • Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps on Frames • (2) DEWALT 7-1/2" Right Angle Grinders • TOPCON AT-G6 Auto Level Transit w/Tripod • Over (25) Large Capacity Spreader Bars to 30'L & Varying Capacities • (2) Portable V-Roll Pipe Supports w/Car Base & Screw Jack Tilt Adj. • Wide Selection of Roller Pipe Stands • Extendable Spreader Bars, Adj. Width, Assorted Chokers • Large Assortment of Portable Gas Heaters • Wide Array of Roller Conveyor Beds • HD Steel Top Welding Tables • AMROX Model DF-16 Drill Press, 16-Speed, 7-1/2" Throat, Adj. Table, 110V • Wide Range of 36" & 42" HEAT BUSTER & TPI Industrial Circulation Fans w/Roller Bases • Custom 25-Ton (Est.) H-Frame Hyd. Press w/Electric Pump • JET 10" Bench Grinder w/1/2-HP Motor • Bench Vises • LANDA Model 110-042-0 Pressure Washer, Gas • Oil Fired, 225° Max. Temp., 3,500 PSI, 3.5 GPM • Tank Scale • Drilled Flanges • DEFENDER 3000 Series Digital Floor Scale, 1,000-lb. Capacity, Model T31P, Roller Base

20'L x 12'W, Fabricated Elevated Frame, Stairwell, (2) Offices Each, Window A/C Units, Units Are 5' Above Ground
20'L x 12'W, Fabricated Frame, Single Office, Window A/C Unit
CONEX 40'L Shipping Container, Converted to Offices, on 5'H Fabricated Steel Frame

In Conjunction With Maynards Industries, Plant & Machinery, Inc., The PPL Group & Myron Bowling Auctioneers, Inc.

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