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Starts: Friday, July 17, 2015 - 10:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 4906 S Lewis St, New Iberia, LA 70502 


"DREDGE CAPTAIN BOB" 30.0'L x 10.0'B x 5.0'D Suction Barge w/50.0'L x 24.0'B x 5.0'D Idler Barge • "BIG JOHN" 50.8'L x 18.0'B x 6.1'D Push Boat 600BHP "MISS MARLENY" 56.0'L x 20.0'B x 6.8'D Push Boat 1,000BHP"MISS FAYE" 51.9'L x 20.0'B x 7.9'D Push Boat 1,100BHP"BAYOU BENGAL" 25.0'L x 12.0'B x 5.0'D Push Boat 180BHP"CAPTAIN GORDAN" 37.0'L x 15.0'B x 6.5'D Crew Boat 400BHP"MONICA L" 28.0'L x 8.0'B x 1.8'D Crew Boat • 30.0'L x 10.0'B Steel Deck Barge • AMERICAN 5299 50-Ton Crawler Crane

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Dredge - "Dredge Captain Bob"
30.0' LOA X 10.0' Beam X 5.0' Depth X. Built In 1987. Built At U.S.. U.S. Flag. Fo: 1,600g. Derrick/A-Frame: A-Frame. Winch: 3 - Hydraulic. Line Pull: 12,000lbs. Main Engine: 1 X Cat 3412. Genset(S): 1 - 13kw. Inland Steel Non-Propelled 12" Hydraulic Suction Dredge. 12" Belt Driven Dredge Pump. Dredge Has Capacity To Dredge Up To 38' Deep With Ladder Set At 60 Degree Down Angle. Reported To Be In Good Operating Condition. In 2012 Dredge Was Disassembled & The Ladder, Suction & Discharge Pipe Reconditioned. Suction & Discharge Changed In 2012 To 18" For Future Upgrades. Entire Hull Also Reconditioned & Recoated In 2012. Control House. Ladder 45' With 31" Hydraulic Cutter Head. 2 X 50' Spuds. 2 X 46' X 5' X 4' Five Compartment Pontoons. A-Frame. (DB04520) "Idler Barge" (50.0' Loa X 24.0' Beam X 5.0' Depth) Attached At The Stern Of Dredge. Idler Barge Has 2 - 40KW / GM 6-71 Gensets; Is Made Up Of Two 12' Wide Barge Sections Welded Together To Form A 24' Wide Platform With 12' X 30' Metal Shelter On Deck; & 2 X Hydraulic Units. Idler Barge Has Spud Wells & Hydraulic Winches Attaching It To The Stern Of Dredge To Get A Wider Cut When Needed.

Push Boat - "Big John"
50.8' LBP X 18.0' Beam X 6.1' Depth X . Built In 1967. Built At Breaux's Bay Craft. U.S. Flag. GRT: 52. NRT: 35. Winch: 2-Manual Make-Up. Main Engines: 2 X Cummins Total 600BHP. 2 - FP Prop(S). Genset(S): 2 - 20KW/Isuzu. Firefighting: Y. Radar. GPS. VHF: 2. Quarters: 3 Bunks In 1 Cabin. Air Conditioned. Galley. Two Deck Inland River Pushboat.

Push Boat - "Miss Marleny"
56.0' LBP X 20.0' Beam X 6.8' Depth X . Built In 1959. Built At Patton-Tully Transportation. U.S. Flag. GRT: 72. NRT: 49. Winch: 2 - Electric Make-Up. Main Engines: 3 X Gm 8-V71 Total 1,000bhp. Twin Disc Gear(S). 3 - FP Prop(S) On 4" Shaft(S). Pump(S): Fire & 2 Bilge. Genset(S): 1 - 40kw / John Deer, 1 - 30KW. Radar.GPS. VHF: 2. Quarters: 4 Bunks In 2 Cabins. Air Conditioned. Galley. Three Deck Inland River Push Boat. Last Dry-Docked In 2013.

Push Boat - "Miss Faye"
51.9' LBP X 20.0' Beam X 7.9' Depth X . Built In 1963. Built At Bludwoth Shipyard Inc.. U.S. Flag. GRT: 72. NRT: 49. Winch: 2 - Manual. Main Engines: 2 X Cat 3412 Total 1,100BHP. 2 - FP Prop(S). Pump(S): Fire, Bilge. Genset(S): 2 - 30KW. Radar. Gpss: 2. VHF: 2. Quarters: 4 Bunks In 3 Cabins. Galley. Three Deck Inland River Push Boat. Reportedly Refurbished In 2011.

Push Boat - "Bayou Bengal"
25.0' LOA X 12.0' Beam X 5.0' Depth X . Built At U.S.. U.S. Flag. GRT: 31. NRT: 25. Main Engine: 1 X GM 6-71 Total 180BHP. 1 - FP Prop(S). Inland Dredge Tender. 10' A-Frame On Bow For Pulling Anchors.

Crew Boat - "Monica L"
28.0' LOA X 8.0' Beam X 1.8' Depth X . Built In 2011. Built At U.S.. U.S. Flag. Main Engines: 2 X Yamaha Total 450BHP. Twin Outboard Engines. Pump(S): 3 - Bilge. Radar. GPS. VHF. Air Conditioned. Passengers: 4. Inland River Aluminum Workboat With Enclosed Cabin.

Crew Boat - "Capt. Gordan"
37.0' LOA X 15.0' Beam X 6.5' Depth X . Built In 1981. Built At U.S. Yard. U.S. Flag. Main Engines: 2 X GM 6-71 Total 400BHP. 2-FP Prop(S). Inland Aluminum Crew Boat With Push Knees. Pilot House & Passenger Lounge For 6 Persons.

American Model 5299 50-Ton Crawler Crane
Reportedly Built In 1987. Fitted With A 100' Boom & Has Fair Lead For That Can Be Used For Digging.

Deck Barge - Inland
30.0' Loa X 10.0' Beam X . U.S. Flag. Inland Steel Deck Barge Used To Support Dredging Operations. Can Be Converted To Boat With Inboard/Outboard Engine.

In Conjunction With Maynards Industries & Myron Bowling Auctioneers, Inc.

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