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Liquidation Auction


PRE-TREATMENT SYSTEM - 3 STAGE WASHER: DMP Corporation Skid Wash System; Stage 1-Clean: 466 Gal NE Cap, 100 Sec Cycle, 150 Deg Max Temp, 80AH Air Burner W/.33hp Blower, 800 CFM Natural Gas, 2-5 Psi, Heat Exchanger Construction - 10 Ga HRS, Automatic Back Flow Make-Up From Stage 2, Manual Fresh Water Fill. Stage 2-Rinse: 358 Gal Net Cap, 60 Second, Ambient Heat, 5hp Spray Pump (#316 SS) - 90gpm@60'hd, Manual Fresh Water Makeup And Fill. Stage 3 - Rinse/Seal: 358 Gal Net Cap, 60 Second, Ambient Heat, 5hp Spray Pump (#316 SS) – 90 GPM @ 60' HD, Manual Fresh Water Makeup And Fill. General: Drain Boards – 12 Ga #304ss, Catwalks - 12 Ga #304 SS, Sump Covers - 12 Ga #304 SS, Exhaust Fans – 533 CFM @ 3"Sp - 2hp, 2 Vents Fans, Pressure Gauges And Flow Control Valves On All Pumps, Spray Rinsers - 10 Nozzles Side/Side.

DRY-OFF OVEN - Two Pass Design, 350 Deg Max Temp, Designed Product Thru Put- 3,000lbs/Hr Steel, Residence Time - 12 Min@3FPM Conveyor Line Speed, High Velocity Air Seals - 2 @ 2hp. General: Heat System - 80AH Air Heat Burner W/.33hp Blower, #1 1/4 DWDI Recirculating Air Blower - 7,662 CFM - 7.5hp, 800 CFH Natural Gas @ 2-5 PSI Supply Pressure, Insulated "B" Deck Floor, 6" Thick Overall Walls And Roof, Exhaust Fan - 700 Cfm, 1 Hp

CONVEYOR SYSTEM - Rapid Systems 3" I-Beam Conveyor, Floor Supported - 330ft Running Length, Trolleys W/ Full Compliment Ball Bearings, No Seals, "H" Attachments, 24" Centers, Line Speed 3 FPM Avg, 2-6 Range, Average Line Load - 17lbs/Ft, All Turns 24" Radius, Except For Oval Turns Which Are Graph-Alloy Bushed Traction Wheel Type, Cat Variable Speed A/C Drive, Air Operated Take Up, Digi-lube Automatic Chain Lubricator

SPRAY BOOTH - Rohner Open Faced Spray Booth, Overall Dimensions - 28'W X 10'10"H X 15'9"D, Inside Working Dimensions 24'W X 9'10"H X 12'D

RHINO-LINING SPRAY FOAM INSULATION - Rhino-Pro HP-21 Spray System, Electric Heat, 2 Component Proportioner, Sprays Two Part Polyurea Type Materials, Model #311429B

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