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Starts: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - 8:30am (PDT)
Auction Type: On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 120 Rodinea Rd. Maple, Ontario L6A 1R5 Canada
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Late Model Fastener and Rivet Manufacturing Equipment Company


(40) Cold Headers Including: NATIONAL (1988) #89, NAKASHIMADA (2005) MTS-308A, (2) ASAHI OKUMA (1988) RH 80, NAKASHIMADA (1999) NP81, (3) ASAHI OKUMA (1990) RH 60, LIAN SHYANG (2005) LS-C-NF-14B6LS, (2) NATIONAL #68, SAKAMURA S-340, JERN YAO (1997) JNP-10B5S, HILGELAND (1984) CF2AZ, (2) ITAMI (Rebuilt 2002) NST-6, (2) NATIONAL 5/16”, NATIONAL #61

(25) Thread Rollers Including: HARTFORD/NATIONAL 30-180V, (2) SASPI (1997) GV2, WARREN WT 20, SANMEI (1992)THI-12R, TANISAKA (1999) TSR10-400 HL, (2) SANMEI THI-10R, WARREN WT 10B, (2) HARTFORD 10 400

(15) Pointer/Shavers Including: L&M 15, TOWA TO-4A, (3)TOWA (1991) TO-3A, (2) RONCONI (2001), HILGELAND (1985) PN4B

(34) Wire Drawers
(2) CHAMPS (2002) SLZ 350-84 Automatic Part Sorting/Inspection Machines
ACME FAB (1994) gas fired, 2 Stage Rotary Drum Washer
OMNITURN SERIES III GT-75 2 axis CNC Turning Centre
JSEDM (2001)CNC EA600L sinker type EDM
OSO (1999) FV 30 CNC Vertical Milling Machine
ADEPT 133 Table Top Robot
(3) BulkPackaging Lines
Machine Shop Equipment
Inspection Equipment
Factory Equipment
Office Furniture & More!

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