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Ends: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 1:30pm (EDT)
Auction Type: Global Online Auction
Location: Huntsville, Ontario, CANADA

High Production Wood Flooring Plant

In Conjunction With M.G. Martin Auctioneers & IRS Auctions

Newman Dbl. Planer & Comact Gang Rip Line
Tilt Hoists & Lumber Handling
Wood Grinders
Dust Collection
Straight Line Rip Saw
Waco Dominant (6) Spindle
Side Matcher
OSI 9000 End Matcher
Grinders & Sharpeners
Comact Sorting & Optimizing Line
Moisture Detection System
Gang Rip Planers
Engine Lifts
Nesting & Stacking System
Strapping Machines
Maintenance & Parts Rooms
Truck Loading Station
Hand Tools
Cutter Heads
Lumber Carts
Electric Motors
Storage Cabinets
Pallet Jack
Profile Grinder
Track Loader
Up-Cut Saws
Cut-Off Saws
& much more.

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In Conjunction With M.G. Martin Auctioneers

Woodworking Equipment Includes;
Newman Dbl. Planer & Comact Gang Rip Line, Tilt Hoists & Lumber Handling, Bandsaws, Wood Grinders, Dust Collection, Forklifts, Straight Line Rip Saw, Conveyors, Waco Dominant (6) Spindle, Side Matcher, OSI 9000 End Matcher, Grinders & Sharpeners, Comact Sorting & Optimizing Line, Moisture Detection System, Gang Rip, Planers, Engine Lifts, Nesting & Stacking System, Strapping Machines, Maintenance & Parts Rooms, Welder, Truck Loading Station, Hand Tools, Tooling, Cutter Heads, Lumber Carts, Electric Motors, Lockers, Storage Cabinets, Pallet Jack, Profile Grinder, Track Loader, Up-Cut Saws, Cut-Off Saws, etc.

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