On-site and Global Webcast Auction


Auction Dates:
Starts: Thursday, March 14, 2013 - 10:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 1040 Pine Avenue SE in Warren, Ohio 44483


In Conjunction with Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers, Myron Bowling Auctioneers & Maynards Industries Ltd.

Featuring: (5) EBNER Hicon/H2 72"X189" Gas Fired Portable Annealing Furnaces, CONTINENTAL 21" & 53" X 54" 4-High, 4-Stand Cold Reduction Mill, BLAW-KNOX 21" & 53"X54" 4-High Single Stand Temper Mill, Heavy Gauge and Light Gauge Slitting Lines, Pickle Lines, 1,000+ New/Used Motors and MG Sets up to 9,300 HP, Large Quantity of Crane Parts—Cable, Blocks, Sheaves, Gears, Hooks. Cincinnati Work Roll Grinder, 100+ Surplus Rolls, 10+ Elwell Parker Coil Haulers, Bridge Cranes up to 60-Ton, Material Handling, Spare Parts

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In Conjunction with Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers, Myron Bowling Auctioneers & Maynards Industries Ltd.

McKAY Hot Strip Pickle Line w/Coil Car Payoff Stand, Squaring Shear, Strip Welder, McKAY 275-HP Processor, (3) Acid Tanks, (1) Water Rinse, 175-HP Exit Tank Pinch Rolls, 175-HP & 125-HP Exit Looper Rolls, 260-HP & 150-HP Tension Bridles, 200-HP Tension Reel, Coil Car, Automatic Bander, Controls
McKAY / WEAN Hydrochloric Acid Pickle Line, Entry Conveyor, Payoff Stand, 200/400-HP McKAY Processor, 50-HP Upcut Shear, Flash Butt Welder, Hi-Temper Mill, (4) 84' Acid Tanks, Rinse Tank, (2) Steam Dryers, Scrap Choppers, 350-HP Tension Reel, Automatic Bander, Controls
Very Large Repair Parts Inventory for Slitting & Picking Lines

1998 TAMINI 3-Phase Furnace Transformer, S/N 65201, Off Circuit Tap Charger, Variable Flux Regulation, Cooling System (New-still in original shipping crate)
McKAY / WEEN 52" Slitting Line w/Coil Opener, Processing Uncoiler w/30" Expanding Mandrel w/(2) 200-HP Motors, 50-HP Crop Shear, 200-HP Slitter w/9" Dia. Arbor & Slitter Head, 25-HP Scrap Chopper, 5-Roller Tension Leveler, 350-HP Takeup Reel, Controls
McKAY / WEEN Light Gauge Slitting Line w/Processing Uncoiler, McKAY 100-HP 5-Roll Leveler, 100-HP Scrap Chopper, 250-HP Takeup Roll, Banding, Controls
CONTINENTAL Tandem Mill w/Cradle Roll Uncoiler, CONTINENTAL 4-Stand Cold Reduction Rolling Mill, (arranged as 2500-HP, 3500-HP, 2500-HP, 2500-HP), Recoiler, Shape Meter, Gauge & Thickness Controls @ Stands 1 & 4, Controls
BLAW KNOX DESIGN Single Stand Temper Mill, 2500-HP Motor, Recoiler, Strip X-Ray Console Controls
HORBURGH & SCOTT & FALK Reduction Gear Systems Actuators, Pinch Rolls, Pumps, Trim Presses
Cold Strip Annealing System w/(5) EBNER HICON / H2 Furnaces, 72" OD x 189" Stack Height, (5) Cooling Bells, Controls, (10) Annealing Bases

(300+) Electric Motors, Tagged, 1/2-HP to 250-HP
(25) Electric Motor Cores
(25+) Rebuilt Rotors
Assorted Transformers
GE 2800 KW Generator, Type MCF, 360 RPM
(2) 750 HP Tension Reel Drive Motors
GE 9300-HP, Type TS, 514-RPM w/(3) 2000 KW Generators, Type MCF, (1) 600 KW Generator
GE 5100-HP Motor, 360 RPM, 4900 KVA
GE 3500-HP Motors, 135/305 RPM
(3) GE 2500-HP Motors: 175/375 RPM • 135/305 RPM • 90/275 RPM
(7) GE & ABB Air Circuit Breakers to 250-KWA

40/25-Ton x 113' 2" Bridge Crane, Triple Girder, Top Running Bridge & Hoists, Operator's Cab
(10) Double Girder, Top Running Bridge & Hoist, w/Operator's Cab
(2) 60/25-Ton x 100' • 60/25-Ton x 98' • 40/25-Ton x 113'2" • 30/10-Ton x 60' • 25/15-Ton x 100' • 25/5-Ton x 60" • (3) 25-Ton x 100'
(18) Double Girder, Top Running, Bridge & Hoist
50/10-Ton x 60' • 30-Ton x 97' • 25-Ton x 97' • 25-Ton x 86'-6" • 25-Ton x 60' • 15/10-Ton x 97' • 15/5-Ton x 100' • 15-Ton x 100' • 15-Ton x 97' • 15-Ton x 70' • 15-Ton x 64'-6" • 15-Ton x 39'-6" • 10-Ton x 97' • 10-Ton x 75' • (2) 10-Ton x 70' • 10-Ton x 60' • 10-Ton x 50'

(7) ELWELL PARKER & AUTO LIFT 50,000-lb. Coil Movers, Electric, ID#s 147, 149, 12# 501, 516, 525, 492, 526
(4) AUTO LIFT 40, 000-lb. Electric Coil Movers (ID#s 527, 490, 489, 508)
HEPPENSTALL 40,000-lb. Hunter Lift
(5) HEPPENSTALL 40,000-lb. Coil Lifts
(2) MAZZELLA 25-Ton Coil Lifts
40,250-lb. Spreader Beam, 12' Span
(1) SQUARE D 84" Electro Magnet
(2) OHIO 65" Lifting Magnets
CUTTLER HAMMER Electro Magnets: (2) HSM-10, Size 45, (1) HSM-9, Size 45
(1) 75-Ton & (5) 30-Ton Crane Blocks
Lifting Chains

1987 MACK T/A 12' Flatbed Truck, DSL, Automatic w/(3) Coil Cradles
OVER 3,000,000-LBS. STEEL
(100+) Rolls Steel, Assorted Sizes

(20) Raw Steel Coils, Approx. 25,000-lb. to 35,000-lb. each
(75+) Rolls Wire Cable, 1/2" thru 1 1/4"
Crane Wheels, Cable Rollers, Hoist Blocks
(2) GREENLEE 855 Smart Benders, Electric, 1/2" to 2" Capacity
WELLS 10" x 16" Horizontal Band Saw, Model 1016, S/N 4888, and Manual
RODGERS 60-Ton Shop Press, 45" Between Housings
CINCINNATI Roll Grinder, 54"/24" Swing, 14' between Centers, Power Carriage
Roll Shot Blast System
Roll Storage Racks
RIGID 535 Threader
CLUB CART & COLUMBIA Electric Golf Carts
(2) BATTERY MATE Battery Chargers, Model 1400H3-18G, 36 Volt, 1400-AMP
14" x 3" Double End Grinder
R&D Recirculating Parts Cleaner
(32) MINTEG 4,000-lb. Bags Euroshot
(100+) Electrical Supply Cabinets w/Fuses, CB's, Coils, Switches, Wiring, Controllers • Fans & Air Circulators • Assorted Blowers • Lots of Hand Tools

Removal Info:

  • Removal dates: TBA
  • Removal times 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  • No items released until payment is received in full.

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