Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction


Auction Dates:
Starts: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 - 10:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: Live On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 1531 Western Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214


In Conjunction With Myron Bowling Auctioneers & Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers

(2) Goss Newspaper Presses • Allen Bradley Control Units • (2002) APS 3850 SST Wide Color Imager • Harris 13-Station Rotary Collator/Inserter • Heidelberg M-125 & NP-200 Grip Conveyor Systems • 88,000 & 5,000 Gallon Ink Tanks • SS Developing Sinks • Plate Maker • Plate Punches • Paper Roll Handling System • Hydraulic Roll Paper Clamp • Balers • Trash Compactors • Forklifts • Material Handling • Computers & Printers • Air Compressors & Dryers • Toolroom Equipment • & Lots of Miscellaneous.

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In Conjunction With Myron Bowling Auctioneers & Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers

(4) 10-Unit Goss Metro/Metroliner Newspaper Presses Each Equipped w/; Six Color Decks (Three (10) Side Decks And Three (13) Side Decks), (144) Page Dual Out 3:2 Inverted Rotary Folders, Two Levels Of Former Boards (Four Section Straight Capability), Rockwell Ac Powerflex Drives Updated In 2010, 3-Arm 42" Reels With Belt Tension Rtp, Tool-Less Lockups, Perforators Installed On Each Press Allowing Multiple Sheets To Be Perforated, (24) Units Are 44" Page Width And (16) Units Are At 48" Page Width, Cylinders Are 66" Width, Press C (10 Units Of Metroliner) Is Equipped With Slow Inkers, Presses A, B, D (30 Units Of Metro) Have Standard Inkers.
(42) Allen Bradley Power Flex 700S Series A Variable Speed Drives

Large Quantity of Print Rolls In Various Sizes Including; 6" Diameter x 67" Long, 7" Diameter x 70" Long, 8" Diameter x 67" Long, 3" Diameter x 46" Long

Heidelberg Eight-Tower Newspaper Storage System Consisting Of: (3) Aluminum Towers, Conveyors & Control Panels (*Note- System Has Had Wiring Removed, Scrap Value Only*)

Large Quantity of Assorted Conveyor Consisting of: (8) Heidelberg Mdl: NP200 Press Grippers w/ Heidelberg Mdl: NP404 Control Consoles; Huge Quantity of 4 Level/Stage Heidelberg Gripper Conveyor Track w/ 20 Drop-off Stations, Quipp 90 Degree Turns, 45 Degreed Turns, Power Rollers, Gravity Feed Rollers, Plastic Power Belt Conveyors, Rubber Power Belt Conveyors, Vertical Rubber Power Belt Conveyors, Approx. 170' of Titan Conveyor Feed **Rubber Grippers Have Been Removed**

(5) Quipp Mdl: ACL Automatic Newspaper Dispenser / Stacker; S/N ACL17, ACL18, ACL19, ACL20, ACL21, w/ Cart Load/Unload H-Shape Conveyor System, Rubber Power Belt Delivery Feed, Axiom Control Console, Alpha, Hours N/A
Harris Mdl: NP-1372 12-Station Collator; S/N N/A, Equipped w/ (9) FMC Syntron J-50 Paper Joggers AM Graphics Outfeed Conveyor
(4) Heidelberg Mdl: NP226 Insert Feeder Conveyors; S/N NPL 1307-D, 1309-D, 1302-D, 1310-D
(4) AM Graphics Mdl: NP-212 Hopper Loaders; S/N BL12-543-D, BL12-546-D, BL12-544-D, BL12-545-D
(3) Videojet Mdl: Excel 270G Ink Jet Marking Machines; S/N 982750012WD, 982750013WD, 982730018WD
Highlight Mdl: Predator Pallet Wrapper; S/N P1202951

FMC Load & Unload Print Roll Conveyor System; Loading Station: (1) FMC Automatic Single Rolloff Feed w/ 66" Back Bracing Attachment, Conveying: 1'W x 26'L Automatic Conveyor Feed With 80" Automatic Stripping Station With Omron Sensors, 52" Heavy Duty Roll Transport Cart On 45' Of Automatic Track, Unloading: (5) FMC Automatic, Single Rolloff Feeds w/ Approximately 1,000' of Automatic Track w/ (24) Diverting Stations

(3) Dynaric Type SSB-79 Plastic Strapping Machines; S/N 704, 629, 769, 22 1/2"W x 24"D x 16"H Strapping Area
(2) Dynaric Type NP-2 Plastic Strapping Machines; S/N 1979, 1980, 22 1/2"W x 24"D x 16"H Strapping Area
(2) Dynaric Type PNP-1 Power Roller Reeder Units; S/N 73-351, 73-350, 24"W x 29"L Roller Area
(3) 23" x 50" Quipp Automatic Banding Conveyor Feeds

(3) Autologic Information Internation Mdl: APS 3850 Wide Color Imagers; S/N N/A, w/ APS Media Transporter Unit & (2) w/ Multilink 28 Speed Unit, (1) w/ Glunz & Jensen Newslink Pro Unit
NewArc Ultra-Plus Flip-Top Platemaker; S/N N/A, 33" x 41 3/4" Plate Frame Area
(3) Western Lithotech Mdl: Lith-x-Poser III Automatic Exposing Systems; S/N 38-6R, Full Load Amperage 65 *Note- Missing Output Unit*
(2) Agfa Mdl: Horizontal Ultra Developers; S/N 7HU62501, 7HU62479
Tecsa Mdl: EU3000; S/N 017
Kodak Mdl: SN32 Plate Processor
Western Lithotech Automatic Pump Coater
20" Triumph Paper Cutter
Burgess Industires Mdl: 1L2424-C Pneumatic Bench Top Punch Unit; S/N IN2214
Stand Alone Pneumatic Punch Unit
Light Tables

OMEGA High Speed Paper Drill
PLASTICOIL Automated Plastic Coil Inserter
(1999) GATEWAY PSB 3000 Book Binder, S/N 3108

(2) 88,000 Gallon Carbon Steel Vertical Ink Tanks w/ Pumps
(5) 5,000 Gallon Carbon Steel Vertical Ink Tanks w/ Pumps

SP Industries Mdl: Rolo 4000 Two-Compactor System; S/N 03087438, w/ SP Industries Dump Hopper, Titan Industries Conveyor; S/N 2003331, Quipp Assy Wide Mattop Mdl: 36" w/ Stand, (2) SP Industries Mdl: CP-165-NP Trash Compactors; S/N 03087440, 03087439, Force Rating 42,400 Lb., Quipp control Console, Ultra-Beam Mdl: SUA925QD Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors, Equipped w/ (2) Serco Safety-Loc Restraint System
SP Industries Mdl: CP-2102 Trash Compactor; S/N 04127851, Force Rating 78,500 Lb.
SP Industries Mdl: OPB2290 Enclosed Container; S/N 6408, 7'W x 20'L X6'D
Economy Hydraulic Downstroke Baler; 30" x 60" x 43" Approx. Bale Size
Philadelphia Tramrail Hydraulic Downstroke Baler; 30" x 60" x 43" Approx. Bale Size

200 HP Kaeser Sigma Profile ES-290 Rotary Screw Air Compressor; S/N N/A, 98,385 Service Hours, 63,723 Load Hours
180 HP Kaeser Sigma Mdl: ES-250 Rotary Screw Air Compressor; S/N 1011, 125 PSIG, 845 CFM, 62,727 Service Hours, 4,542 Load Hours
150 HP Gardner Denver Electro-Saver Mdl: AQSOD Air Compressor; S/N M21377, 125 PSIG
150 HP Gardner Denver Electro-Saver Mdl: EA050D Air Compressor; S/N M21378, 125 PSIG
Zeks Heatsink True-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer
Kaeser Mdl: KRD800 Refrigerated Air Dryer
1.5 HP Portable Vertical Tank Air Compressor

Weil-McClain Mdl: No. WRG.2-GO-03 Gas-Oli Burner Boiler; UL Gas-Oil Burner, Natural Gas / #2 Oil Burner Firing Rate Max-Min. 882 MPH, Manifold Pressure 3.3, #2 Oil Firing Rate Max-Min. 6.3 GPH
Weil-McClain Mdl: MGB-17 Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler; Max W.P. Steam 15 PSI, Water 50 PSI, Max Gas Inlet Pressure 13 W.C., Min. Inlet Gas Pressure 7 W.C., Manifold Gas Pressure 35 W.C., Min. Input B.T.U / Hours 680,000, Input B.T.U. / Hours 2,040,000, Steam 6,599 Square Foot
CULLIGAN Water Softener System
MIRACHEM Water Treatment System

(2) 40 HP Quincy Mdl: QSVI40 Rotary Screw Vacuum Pumps; S/N QSVI40ANN3-34960, QSVI40ANN3-34795, 16,540 Hours & 33,964 Hours
15 HP Bell & Gossett Universal Vacuum Pump
(2) 10 HP Ingersoll-Rand T30 Vacuum Pumps
7.1 HP Ingersoll-Rand T30 Vacuum Pump
5 HP Bell & Gossett Vacuum Pump

60 HP Flex-Kleen Mdl: 50-WRAC-45GS-III Dust Collector; S/N 331-52304
Trane Mdl: T-31B Dehumidifier

(4) (2008) HYSTER 12,000-lb. Forklifts, Mdl: S120FTPRS, S/N G004V03456F, G004V03458F, G004V03459F & G004V03464F, LPG, GM Engine, 3-Stage Mast, 208" Lift Height, Finger-Tip Controls, 7,385 Hours, 9,269 Hours, 9,234 Hours & 9,000 Hours, CASCADE 9,000-lb. Capacity Paper Roll Clamp
CATERPILLAR 10,000-lb. Forklift, Mdl: GC45SWB, S/N AT8701737, LPG, Solid Tires, Lever Shift, 3-Stage Mast, 172" Lift Height, 4-Way Hydraulics, 58" Forks, 9,283 Hours
5,000 Lb. Toyota Mdl: 42-6FGCU25 LP Gas Solid Tire Lift Truck; S/N 61396, Side Shift & Roll Shift Attachment
(2) (2005 & 2006) HYSTER 5,000-lb. Forklifts, Mdl:: S50FT, S/N F187V01678C & F187V07876D, LPG, Solid Tires, 3-Stage Mast, 189" Lift Height, Sideshift, 46" Forks, 4,693 & 6,269 Hours
5,000 Lb. Daewoo Mdl: GC25P-3 LP Gas Solid Tire Lift Truck; S/N DM-0048, Side Shift & Roll Shift Attachment
3,700 Lb. Crown Truck Type E Stand-Up Rider Type Electric Lift Truck; S/N 1A178656 w/ Side Shift Attachment
6,000 Lb. Crown Mdl: PE3520-60 Electric Walk Behind Pallet Truck; S/N 6A188472
(2005) MINUTEMAN POWERBOSS Floor Sweeper / Scrubber, Mdl: TSS90, S/N 15400105, LPG, 665 Hours
Tennant Mdl: 5700XP Electric Walk Behind Floor Scrubber
Tennant Electric Walk Behind Floor Scrubber
(13) 3,000 Lb. Presto Mdl: WP48-30 Electric Lift Stackers; S/N V13343-100-4
3,000 Lb. Crown Mdl: E Electric Walk Behind Lift Truck; S/N 6A136600
2,500 Lb. Crown Mdl: E Series Electric Stacker; S/N 6A219432
2,000 Lb. Big Joe Mdl: PDC20-106 Electric Stacker; S/N 317286
2,000 Lb. Crown Mdl: CSX20 Electric Stacker; S/N CSX2028329001
120" x 50" Two Level BHS Battery Storage Rack
(4) Electric Batteries
(2) General Battery w/ Deluxe Control Charging Stations
CASCADE 9,000-lb. Capacity Paper Roll Clamps, Mdl: 90F
(2) Hydraulic Paper Roll Clamps
64" x 98" Single Axle Trailer

(20) 30" x 58" x 35" Portable Steel Dump Hoppers
(14) 32" x 68" x 36" Portable Plastic Dump Hoppers
(10) Rubbermaid Portable Plastic Cube Trucks
(134) 28" x 32" x 60" Two Door Enclosed Steel Delivery Carts

3 HP Millport Dovetail Ram Vertical Milling Machine; 10" x 50" T-Slotted Worktable, Power Table Feed, 2-Axis Trak 102 Digital Readout
16 1/2" x 30" Monarch Mdl: 14-WWA Geared Head Engine Lathe; S/N 12677, Steady Rest, 14" 4-Jaw Chuck, 12" 3-Jaw Chuck, Collet Holder
26" Zephyr Mdl: 26 Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw; w/ Blade Welder
16 Ga. x 52" Wysong Manual Kick Shear
40" Pexto Mdl: 137-V Manual Kick Shear; S/N 676A
16 Gallon x 36" Pexto Mdl: PX36-A Manual Finger Brake; S/N 5/65
5" x 10" Delta-Milwaukee Hand Feed Surface Grinder; Mdl: & S/N N/A, 27" x 36" Table
50-Ton Dake Mdl: 50H H-Frame Hydraulic Shop Press
No 3 Evansville Arbor Press Co. Floor Mdl: Arbor Press
10" Dayton Mdl: 42911C Double End Carbide Grinder w/ Stand
3/4 HP Baldar Double End Carbide Grinder w/ Stand
Dayton 6" x 9" Belt & Disc Grinder
14" Rockwell Single Spindle Floor Mdl: Drill
90 AMP Miller Millermatic Mdl: 130XP Wire Welder
250 AMP Miller Dialarc 250P-AC/DC Welder
11" Wilton Mdl: 3100 Portable Horizontal Band Saw
USPI Sub-Micron Oil Filter System
2,000-lb. Rolling A-Frame Hoist, 12" Between , 7' Under Hook
25" x 4" IRONWORKERS Anvil
DAYTON Fume Exhauster w/ Ducting
500-lb. Beam Mount Jib, 5' Arm, Electric Hoist
CLIPPER Belt Lacer, S/N 000043, 18" Width

(42) Allen Bradley Power Flex 700S Series A Variable Speed Drives
(17) 11-Drawer Richards-Wilcox Tooling Cabinets, 57"H x 29"W x 28"D
Eaton Un-Interruptible Power Supply System 9355-30 Mdl: 30; S/N EA335KXX10
Large Quantity Electrical Equipment Including; Assorted Electrical Controls & Panels From Quipp to AM Graphics & More, Room of Electrical Supplies & Repair Equipment w/ Thousands of Electrical Spares, Hardware, & Parts, Dozens of Parts Cabinets, Steel Storage Cabinets, & Parts Bins

70'W x 50'L x 16'H Wilddeck Modular Bolt Together Steel Mezzanine, Load Rating 250 PSF, w/ 8,000 Lb. 54" x 102" Drive Thru Service Elevator, w/ Front & Back Staircase
52' x 36' x 10' Chain Link Fence Shop Area w/ 12' Manual Slide Front Access & 10' x 18' x 8' Attached Tool Crib
102"W x 98"L x 98"H Free Standing Shop Office
10'W x 8'L x 10'H Free Standing Shop Office

Large Quantity Of Assorted Items Consisting Of: 1-Ton Handling System Rotary Jib Crane, 1-Ton Capacity Vestil A-Frame Gantry Crane, 6,000 Lb. BHS Battery Lifting Beam/Attachment, (15) Sections of Various Size Pallet Rack, Heavy Duty Shop Carts, Steel & Wood Work Desks, Tables, Server Cabinet, Lockers, Steel Shop Carts, Janitor Supplies, John Deere Mower, Lawn Care Equipment, Garbage Cans, Guard Rail, Shop Vacs, Multi-Drawer File Cabinets, Shop Fans, Folding Tables, Steel Storage Rack, Desk Chairs, Shop Carts, Multi-Drawer Tool Cabinets, Picnic Tables, Heavy Duty Floor Fans, Free-Standing Water Fountains, Fire Extinguishers, Fiberglass Ladders, Two Wheel Dollys, Suncast Two Door Plastic Cabinets, Electric Floor Scrubbers, Two-Door Steel Storage Cabinets, Steel Storage Rack, Various Size Air Filters, Platform Ladders, 8-Ton Shop Crane, 2 Story Scaffold, Two Door Fire-Proof Cabinets, Assortment of 20 HP Matlock Motors, Disassembled Panel Garage Door, Two-Door Propane Cylinder Storage Lockers, Bridge Crossing Ladders, Newspaper Carts, Stainless Steel Sinks, Double Sided Cantilever Steel Stock Rack, Stretch Wrapper & Other Related Items
ENERPAC Rams, Steel Layout Tables, Bench Vises
Perishable Tooling, Rolling Toolboxes, Hardware, Flammable Storage Cabinets, Pipe Threaders, Gear Pullers, Clamps, Vise Grips

Large Quantity of Late Mdl: Office Equipment Including: 10' Conference Tables w/ Chairs, Late Mdl: Executive Desk Sets, Late Mdl: L & U Shaped Desk Sets, Lateral File Cabinets, Two-Door Cabinets, Leather Chairs, Coffee Tables, Two-Door Refrigerators, TV's, Credenzas, Round Tables, Side Tables, Bookshelves, (10) Late Mdl: Office Cubicles, Four-Drawer File Cabinets, Disassembled Office Partitions, Blue Print Files, HP Design Jet Mdl: 1050c Plus Printer & Many Other Related Items

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