About Real Estate

BIDITUP can help you with your real-estate sales or leasing needs. We are also direct buyers of industrial plants and real-estate. 

Property can be sold through BIDITUP in two ways:

  • Auction - Your real estate and buildings will be offered and marketed just like equipment as a standard listing in an auction.
  • Direct Sales - Instead of being listed and sold in a regular auction, your property will be directly marketed towards buyers. We pride ourselves on matching the right buyers and sellers through our dynamic advertising approaches and networking. 

Both methods give the seller the option to set a minimum price, or a reserve, if they choose to do so. We also partner and work with licensed realtors in order to give you the best exposure and return for your property.

Subject to owner confirmation

The owner has the right to accept or reject the high bid. This is called SUBJECT TO OWNER CONFIRMATION. If the property sells, the auctioneer receives the buyer's premium. If the property does not sell, there is no obligation to the auctioneer.

Contact us today and our knowledgeable team can help guide you to the right path for you.