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Assets No Longer Required in the Continuing Operations of:MITEK INDUSTRIES, INC.

Auction Dates:
Starts: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 9:00am (PDT)
Ends: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 2:00pm (PDT)
Auction Type: Global Online Auction
Location: 31945 Corydon Street Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Late Model Stamping & Machining Facility

Photo Gallery:


PRESSES (All Have Been Upgraded)


(3) BLISS 125 Ton (2) Gap Frame (1) OBI, Model 28 ½, Bolster: “3 x 26” x 38”, Ram: 14” x 20”, Shut Ht: 23”, Adj. 3.5”, Stroke: 4”, SPM 50-180, Air Clutch/Brake, Auto Lube, 20Hp Ac Drive, Wintress Controls, Hyson Cushion, Interlocking Guards, Air System Enclosure, PA Servo Feed Model SRF-400, S/N A1282-16615-1957, NA, OBI S/N A1478-17186-1968


L & J 80 Ton OBI Bolster: “3 x 26” x 36”, Ram: 14 X 21, Shut Ht: 16.25”, Adj.  4”, Stroke 4”, SPM 50-180, Air Clutch/Brake, Auto Lube, 20Hp Ac Drive, Wintress Controls, Hyson Cushion, Interlocking Guards, Air System Enclosure, PA Servo Feed Model SRF-300, Sn 78280A


FLEX 75 Ton Straight Side Side Single Crank Bolster; 3.5” X 36” X 42”, Ram: 24” X 30”, Shut Ht: 14”, Adj. 2”, Window 18”, Stroke 2.5”, SPM 80 – 400, Air Clutch/Brake, Ram Counterbalance (Air), Vernier SH Indicator,20 Hp AC Drive, Wintress Controls, Interlocking Guards, PA Servo Feed Model SRF-200, S/N 861720-3




REPUBLIC LAGUN Mill Model FT1, 9” X 42” Table, 3 Hp, 55-4250 RPM, Power Quill, W/2 Axis DRO


1984 SUPER MAX Mill Model YCM1 ½ VS, 9” X 49” Table, 2 Hp. 60-4200 RPM, Power Quill, W/2 Axis DRO, S/N 1212613


REPUBLIC LAGUN Gap Bed Lathe Model 1640, 16” Swing, 23” Swing In Gap, 4”0 Centers, 40-2000 RPM, S/N 16481120010




KENT Automatic Model KGS-300AH

12” X 24” Table, 11” X 22” Electro Magnetic Chuck, 12” Wheel Dia,

Table Speed 13-77 FPM, Spindle Speed 1740 RPM

3 Hp Spindle Motor, 2 Hp Hydraulic Motor,1/4 Hp

Cross Feed Motor, Coolant System, Auto Lube,

W 2 Axis DRO, Sn 830316-1


KENT Manual Model KGS-200, 6” X 16” table, 6” X 12 “Permanent Magnetic Chuck, One Shot Lube, 1 HP Spindle Motor S/N 830501-13


HARVILL Manual, Model 818, 8” X 20” Table, 12” Dia. Wheel, 8” X 18” Permanent Magnetic Chuck, 1.5 HP, One Shot Lube


RAMCO Manual, Model LF-618, 8” X 22” Table, 8” Dia. Wheel, 6” X 18” Permanent Mag Chuck, One Shot Lube, 1.5 HP, S/N 03188


CINCINNATI Shaper Model 24HD




ELTEE PULSITRON Sinker Type, Model EP30, 8” X 6” X 10.5” (XYZ), 14” X 19” X 12” Tank, “Harig Orbit Cut Head”, S/N 449


JAPAX EDM Bore Model SB-1M, Max Wk Piece 23.6” X 11.8” X 3.94”, Stroke (Z-axis) 9.85, 360 Degree Rotation, S/N 152-01-448




YUASA Vertical Band Saw Model BX-360, 20” X 16” table, ½ HP, W/ Air Chip Removal, Blade Welder, Infinite Vari-Speed Control


GRIMMER SCHMIDT Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Model NK-100, 25 Hp, 125 PSIG, S/N H3031


SCHERR- TUMICO Optical Comparator, Model 22150, 14” Screen, Upgraded Illumination, S/N 8876


AERO Drill Press # 9, S/N 480 NO 7986


SKILSAW Table Saw Model 3400 Type 2


DEWALT Miter Saw Model DW715


(2) DELTA Bench Grinder Model Type 1 S/N 050328 W 6030, 2007 20-XL


DAYTON Belt Sander Model 6K5728


TEMPACURE 42” Dia. Fan


DIACRO 24” Pinch Roll S/N 760872


DIACRO 12” Pinch Roll S/N GH5946


CUSTOM Surface Plate 52” X 94” X 9”


BIG JOE Lift Model 2018-A6


YUASA Arbor Press #3


Plus Much More Including Inspection, Tooling, Cabinets, Work Stations, Pallet Jacks, Etc.



150 Ton MINSTER Mdl. P1-150 Straight Side Single Crank Punch Press, S/N P1-150-19724 - Specifications: Bolster: 4.0 X 28.0 X 40.0 (FB/LR); Ram: 21.0 X 27.0 (LR/FB); Window: 20.0; Shut Height: 20.0 SDAU; Adjustment: 4.0; Stroke: 4.0; SPM: 0-200; Air Clutch/Brake; Ram Counterbalance (Air); Digital SH Indicator; Auto Lube (Re-Circulating); 20 HP Eddy Current Drive (220/440V); “Wintress” Press Controls (WPC-2000); Four Cam Output; Console; Oversized Forward/Reverse Starter; “Gemini” Counter; End of Stock Detector; Interlocking Guards; Two Channel Tonnage Monitor; Heat Sensors Bearings & Gibbs; “Vibro Dynamic” Pads; Air System Enclosure; “Hyson” Center Stud Nitrogen Cushion (Model SPC-10) “PA Industries” Servo Feed Model SRF-400 (.06-16 Ga. X 16.0 Max. Mat.)

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