How to Register


BIDITUP conducts four types of auctions: Live On-Site Auctions, Webcast Auctions, Online Auctions, and Sealed Bid. Please see below for information about registration.

Live On-Site Auctions

All forms will be available and are to be filled out at the auctions.

Webcast Auctions
Webcast auctions are usually conducted in conjunction with live on-site auctions. To register, visit the page of the auction of interest and in the description box, click to register to bid online. If you have never used Bidspotter before, you need to first click the link that says "First time registration!" and register with When registering on BidSpotter you are prompted to submit a credit card account number, but that is required only for screening valid account information. Next you need to register for the auction. Click on the link that says "Register for this auction! (current registrants)." Be sure to register for each individual auction location that you want to bid in. On the day of the auction, return to the auction page on and click on the link next to the blinking bidder paddle that says “Bid Now.” You will be prompted to log in and when the auction starts you will be able to view a picture of each lot while listening to live audio (if available).

Bidders are to register 48 hours prior to the sale to avoid any issues that may occur.
Note: ALL Bidders are required to make a 25% deposit.

Sealed Bid Auctions

Sealed Bid auctions are conducted privately. Please contact us for instructions.