On-site and Global Webcast Auction


Auction Dates:
Starts: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 10:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 5550 S Occidental Rd. Tecumseh, MI


In Conjunction with Maynards, Heritage Global Partners & Myron Bowling Auctioneers.

State of the Art Late Model Machining Facility Includes:
(8) 2007 Makino A81 Horizontal Machining Centers
(7) 2000 Makino A88E Horizontal Machining Centers
(11) 2004 Excello XHC241 Horizontal Machining Centers 
2000 Lamb 4.6L/54.L Cylinder Head Machining Line
(8) ABB Robots, Brown & Sharpe CMM's 
Mobile Equipment 
Assembly Equipment 
Inspection Equipment 
Toolroom Equipment
& Much More

Photo Gallery:


In Conjunction with Maynards, Heritage Global Partners & Myron Bowling Auctioneers.


2008 MORI SEIKI 5-Axis CNC Turning Center, Mdl: NT4200DSG/1500, S/N NT420HA0169, Travels: 29.5" X-Axis, 8.3" Y-Axis, 44.1" Z-Axis, 2.5" Bar, 5,000-RPM Spindle, BT50 Tool Holder, 20-Position ATC, Chip Blaster Coolant System, MayFran ConSep 2000 Chip Conveyor, Mori Seiki MSX711 III Control

(8) 2007 MAKINO A81 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, 24.8" x 24.8" Twin Pallets, Travels: 35.4" X-Axis, 31.5" YAxis, 40.2" Z-Axis, 10,000-RPM Spindle, CAT 50 Spindle, MAYFRAN CON SEP 2000 Chip Conveyor, PROFESSIONAL 5 CNC Controls, (4) w/ CHIP BLASTER Filtration, 97-Position & 60-Position ATC's
(11) 2004 EX-CELL-O XHC241 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, Tooled for DCX 3.7L Cylinder Head (R/L Hand) 19.68" Twin Pallets, Travels: 24.80" XAxis, 24.80" Y-Axis, 27.95" Z-Axis, 16,000-RPM HSK Spindle, 40-Position ATC, KNOLL Chip Conveyor
(7) 2000 MAKINO A88 CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, 24.8" x 24.8" Twin Pallets, Travels: 35.1" X-Axis, 31.5" YAxis, 38.2" Z-Axis, Cat 50, 12,000-RPM Spindle, 90-Position ATC, Chip Conveyor, PROFESSIONAL 3 Control 2000 MAKINO CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Mdl: A88, S/N 135, 90-Position ATC, PROFESSIONAL 3 Control (Parts / Repair)
CNC MACHINING TOOLING (2,000+) CAT 50 & (500+) HSK Tool Holders, (75) Machining Tool Fixtures, (5) 50-Taper Tool Storage Cabinets, 64-Tool Capacity Each 50-Taper Tool Cabinets & (14) Rolling CAT 50 Tool Carts
2004 KELCH KALI-TEC 3-Station Tool Heater
Tool Setters: 2005 KELCHPARLEC Series 2000 • PARLEC Series 1000 • REGO FIX & TOOL BOX (Bench-Top)

LAMB 4.6L & 5.4L FORD 4-Valve Cylinder Head Assembly & Test Automation Line - LAMB Automated Conveyor System, Chain Drive, ALLEN BRADLEY Panelview 600 Control, TELESIS TECHNOLOGIES Marking Stations, Cylinder Head Leak Test Stations, (6) RTECH Vibratory Parts Feeders, (2) SPECTRUM Vibratory Parts Feeders, VALIANT ELAN 483.5 HP Uniboring High-Pressure Deburring System, ALLEN BRADLEY Panelview 1000e Control, (6) 2000 ABB Robot Stations w/Teach Pendant Controls, Mdl: IRB6400 M98, S/N's 64A-11006, 64A-11003, 64A-10976, 64A-11004, 64A-10977, 64A-11005, (40) LAMB Boring & Reaming Stations w/Allen Bradley Panelview 550 Controls, Install Presses, Wash Stations, (1) TORITADMC-D10 40-HP Dust Collector, S/N 1G636278, (2) TORIT 30-HP Dust Collectors, Mdl: ADMC-AD8, S/N 1G635273 & 1G635278, (2) BEDATEC Coolant Pump & Filter Systems, Reject Transfer Conveyors, Conveyor Crossover Bridges
 GROB Cylinder Head Assembly & Test Cell Including Leak Test Station w/USON 4000 Leak Tester, (2) ABB Robot Stations, Mdl: IRB6000M2000, 2004-S/N 66-27428 & 66-27431, w/Tech Pendants, Valve, Valve Spring, Key Install Stations, Rocker Install, Cam Install and Rework Areas, Torque Stations, Telesis Marking Stations, w/All Associated Transfer Conveyor
 GROB Seat & Guide Install Cell, w/(2) KOBERLEIN Vibratory Parts Feeders, (2) ABB Robots, Mdl: 1RB66000M2000, 2004-S/N 66-27429 & 66-27430, w/Teach Pendants, Install Presses, Cooper Tools Torque Station, (2) MIDBROOK INDUSTRIES Hurricane Parts Washers, ZEBRA Z6M Plus Label Printer, All Associated Conveyor
2005 MIEKLE AUTOMATION Valve Seat Installation Cell w/Install Press, MOTOMAN Robot, Mdl: YR-UP-J3-BOO, S/N RH9281-5022-1, Teach Pendant Control, 10-HP Hydraulics, BECKHOFF Control Panel

HENRY Coolant Filtration Systems, Mdl: 6000SID 4-3-12CF (Primary), S/N 6494 & Mdl: 325/650 MV36 (Secondary), S/N 6239, Suction Indexing Wedgewire Drum, Approx. 6,000 Gallons/Hour Capacity, (4) Pumps, Filter Conveyor, (3) THERMAL CARE 50-HP Chillers, Mdl: TWX1000 w/INTERSOURCE Aluminum Chip Separator, Mdl: 35288D w/Chip Wringer & Conveyor System
(4) CHIP BLASTER Filtration Units, Mdl: JV-10

2001 MIDBROOKS INC. 30-HP Hurricane Parts Cleaner, Mdl: 5024W/BO Custom, Heated Wash, ALLEN BRADLEY Panelview 5500 Control
REINHART Automated Parts Washer, Mdl: 3234, 7" Max Width, 48" Max Length, Electric Heat
(2) SAFETY KLEEN Heated Parts Washers w/Oil Skimmers: (1) Mdl: SKFL500 w/31" Table, (1) Mdl: SKFL250 w/25" Table
(2) SAFETY KLEEN 250 Recirculating Parts Cleaners
BETTER ENGINEERING Impulse w/Parts Cleaner
BETTER ENGINEERING Hot Water Parts Washer, 27" Table, Oil Skimmer

2004 GSA Cylinder Head Part Transfer System for DC3.7 (L/R Hand) Cylinder Heads Complete w/(2) Gantry Loaders, Buffer Areas, All Transfer Conveyor, Marking Area & Controls
DURR Track-Mounted Robotic Load System Modular Storage Cabinet System forPerishable Tooling
(2) 2007 GUDEL Robot Gantrys, Mdl: TM-72, 18' Lateral Travel, ABB Robot, Mdl: M2004, Teach Pendant
(4) 2007 ABB Robots, Mdl: 1RC5-M2004 w/Teach Pendants

(2) 2004 BROWN & SHARPE CNC CMM's, Mdl: GLOBAL IMAGE 9.15.8, S/N's 00604-6214 & 0604-6216, Travels: 35.4" X-Axis, 59.1" Y-Axis, 31.5" Z-Axis, RENISHAW PH10MQ Probe, RENISHAW PI200 Probe Interface, PC DMIS CAD ++ 3.7 Software, Multi Sensor Scanning Capability, 92" x 43" x 10" Granite Surface Plate
(2) 2000 BROWN & SHARPE CNC CMM's, Mdl: EXCEL 9.15.9, S/N 0400-2421 & 0600-2435, Travels: 35.42" XAxis, 59.05" Y-Axis, 35.42" Z-Axis, RENISHAW PH10MQ Head, PHC 10-2 Probe Control, ACC2-2 Auto Change Control Unit, PC DMIS CAD++ 3.7 Software
PEGA-SYS Programmable Electronic Gauging System, w/48" x 72" x 32" Travels, Renishaw PH10M Probe, 6-Station Probe Holder, PC Controls
(4) SPX Air Gauge Inspection Stations Granite Surface Plates: 48"x72"x7", 36"x36"x6", 24"x36"x4"
BOCKEL SCIENTIFIC Bench Top Electric Oven 500-lb. Stable Temp Bench Top Electric Oven
SARTORIUS Gram Scale, Mdl: 1072
Lots of Nice Inspection Equipment Including: Go-No-Go Gages, MAHR Digimax CX1 Height Gage, STARRET Digichek Height Gage, MITUTOYO 18" Height Gage, V-Blocks, Angle Blocks, SAE & Metric Gage Pins, Gage Blocks,Chamfer Gages, Caliper Micrometers, TAYLOR HOBSON Form Taly 50mm Surface Tester, Electronic Twin Beam Height Gages, Sine Bar Sets, NEWEN Vacuum Tooling, FORD/CHRYSLER Gage Tooling, Dial Indicators, Bore Gages, SUNNEN Gages, Surface Finish Testers, CMM Supplies, (2) SIGHT PIPE Optical Viewers

JET 13" x 40" Gap Bed Lathe, Mdl: GH-1340A, S/N 806W424, 6" 3-Jaw Chuck, 18" Swing Over Gap, 13" Swing Over Bed, 6" Swing Over Carriage, 40" Between Centers, 1-1/2" Thru Spindle, 45-1800 RPM, Threading, Foot Brake,Removable Chip Pan
BRIDGEPORT ROMI 13" x 56" Engine Lathe, Mdl: Tormax 13-5, 6" 3-Jaw Chuck, 13" Swing Over Bed, 6" Over Carriage, 56" Between Centers, 80-2500 RPM, 1-5/8" Thru Spindle, Threading, Foot Brake
CHEVALIER FSG618 Surface Grinder, S/N 02B-4700, Hand Feeds
PARKER MAJESTIC #2 Surface Grinder, Hanchett 612 Electromagnetic Chuck, Hand Feeds KBC 3-HP Vertical Mill, Mdl: TUM-1, 9" x 42" T-Slot Table w/AL-300S Power Feed, 60-4200 RPM, Mitutoyo 2-Axis DRO
BRIDGEPORT 2-HP Vertical Mill, 9" x 48" Table, AL 400S Table Feed, 60-4200RPM
SUNNEN Cylinder Hone, Mdl: SV-10D, Siemens Simatic Controls
DAKE JOHNSON Vertical Band Saw, Mdl: V-40, 41" Throat, 9" Max. Thickness, 26-1/4" x 26-1/4" Tilt Table, 500-FPM, Blade Welder, Mdl: TPS-25
GROB Vertical Band Saw, Mdl: NS-24, 24" Throat x 12" Max. Thickness, 24" x 28" Table, Foot Brake
ROLL-IN Vertical Band Saw, Mdl: EF-1459, 9-1/2" x 18-1/2" Table
MAX Oscillating Spindle Sander, 24-1/2" x 24-1/2" Table, Spindles to 4"
MAX Universal 24" Disc Sander, 31-1/2" x 12" Tilt Table
CONQUEST 20" Disc Sander, 27-1/2" x 10-1/2" Tilt Table
WILTON 20" Drill Press, Mdl: VSG-2015, 80-1200 RPM, 18" x 25" Table
ELLIS 17" Drill Press, Mdl: 9400, 13" x 15" Table, Variable Speed
JET 14" Drill Press, Mdl: JDP-14MF, 12" Table, 200-3630 RPM
ENERPAC 30-Ton Shop Press, 28-1/2" Between Housings
SUNNEN Horizontal Hone, Mdl: CH-100, 36" Max Length

ROPER WHITNEY PEXTO 52" x 12-Ga. Power Squaring Shear, Mdl: 5212
MITTLER BROTHERS Electric Ring Shear, 36" Throat
TENNSMITH 48" x 16-Ga. Mechanical Plate Bending Rolls, Mdl: SR48
TENNSMITH 48" x 12-Ga. Finger Brake, Mdl: V4812
ACRA 6" x 16-Ga. Hand Corner Shear, Mdl: FN-M616
PEXTO 5-Ton Hand Punch, Mdl: 17
MITTLER BROTHERS Electric Tube Notcher
GREENLEE 1816 Tube Bender, Assorted GREENLEE Hand Conduit Benders

MILLER Goldstar 302 Stick Welder, 300-AMP @ 60%
MILLER Dimension 302 MIG Welder, 300-AMP w/Miller 22A Wire Feeder
(2) LINCOLN Precision TIG 275 Welder, 275-AMP @ 40%
FIRE POWER PC250 Bench Top TIG Welder, 20-AMP @ 40%
MILLER Resistance Spot Welder, Mdl: MBS20-AFT, 14" Throat
Oxy/Acetylene Torch Cart & Regulators

BRODERSON Carry Deck Crane, Mdl: 1C-200-213, S/N 50907, 30,000-lb. Capacity, 51' Lift, Jib, Outriggers, Pneumatic Tires, 887-HP

2008 HYSTER 12,000-lb.Forklift, Mdl: S120FTS, S/N G004V03900F, LPG, 3-Stage Mast, 84" / 163" Lowered / Raised w/CASCADE Paper Roll Clamp, Mdl: 90F, S/N 928415-1
(3) 2006 CATERPILLAR 10,000-lb. Forklifts, Mdl: GC45K-LP, LPG, 3-Stage Mast, 83" / 161" Lowered / Raised, Side Shift, Fork Positioner, 60" Forks, S/N AT88A00547, 5,381 Hours • S/N AT88A00548, 7,024 Hours • S/N AT88A00530, 4,812 Hours
Forklift Jib Attachment, VESTIL Forklift Attaching Drum Lift
SKYJACK Platform Scissor Lift, Mdl: SJ3220, S/N 61071, 20' Lift, Solid Tires, On Board Charger

MAKINO 24-Station Pallet Retrieval System, Mdl: MM2, S/N 11940, (2) Pallet Retrievers
GORBEL Free-Standing Bridge System 26' x 42' x 15', 500-lb. Bridge System 26' x 42' x 15; 500-lb. Bridge
GORBEL 500-lb. Ceiling Mount Bridge System, 10'W x 20'L Free-Standing 500-lb. Free-Standing Bridge System Free-Standing 270-lb. Gantry System, 25'L x 175"W x 167"H Pneumatic Hoist (14) 250-lb. & 500-lb. Pedestal Jibs, Electric Hoist

(2) QUINCY 300-HP Air Compressors, Mdl: QSI-1500
AIR TEK Refrigerated Air Dryer, Mdl: MSC4000-W4, 4000 CFM
ZEKS Air Dryer, Mdl: 100HSBA100, S/N 64184-3
ULTRA FILTER Water/Oil Separator

FLOW DYNAMICS Test Cell w/Flowmaxx Venturi, P/N VF40-APE-1470
ARESCO 15,000-lb. Electric/Hydraulic Vehicle Lift, Mdl: GR15UD
SCHATZ 200Nm Electronic Torque System
ATLAS COPCO Tensor Digital Torque System
(2) SNAP-ON Torque Meter Test Stations
2005 SEALED AIR Speedy Packer System, Foam-In-Bag Packaging System
(10) PIG Twin Poly-Drum Spill Containment Pallets
500-Gallon Poly Storage Tank w/Containment Pit
LANTECH Q-Series Stretch Wrapper 65" Table, Auto/Manual Controls 48" x 60" Platform Scale w/Digital Scale/Readout
TENNANT Electric Floor Scrubber
TENNANT Gas Floor Sweeper
COLUMBIA 2,200-lb. Electric Maintenance Cart
LANDA 13.0-HP Pressure Washer
(9) 2010 CHRYSLER 3.5L, V6 Engines, Complete w/Harness
(15) Skids of Scrap Aluminum Heads
(2) TREGO VFP50Hand Presses
(4) P&H PHN-4 Hydraulic Presses, 4-Ton w/Slide Table
GENERAL SHELTERS Porta-Cool Air Circulator
STEELMAN Gas Fired Oven, 350,000BTU, 96 CU/FT Volume
KEM METAL Fume Cabinet
MISTKOP Mist Collector
GRIZZLY G0440 Dust Collector
BOSCH Cordless Torque Guns,
123" x 75" x 4" Steel Layout Table
RIDGID 1224 Pipe Threader
MILWAUKEE 14" Abrasive Chop Saw
(30) Dump Hoppers • Rolling Engine Stands • 8-Ton Shop Hoist • SNAP-ON 4-Ton Air / Hydraulic Floor Jack • DYNAMET Tipper • (60) Modular Tool Cabinets • (14) MSC Hardware Storage Cabinets w/Lots of Black Iron & Plated Hardware • (7) KENNEDY Tool Boxes to 5-Drawer • Jobsite Storage Boxes • Double End Grinders • Belt Sanders • Repair Parts • Cables •Actuators Control Panels • Servers • Drive Belts • Filters • Hoses • Values Bearings • Electronics • Electric Motors & Pumps • (2) Cylinder Head Bolt Hole Locators • Arbor Presses • Vises • Perishable Tooling • (20) Print File Cabinets • Rolling Material Carts • Work Benches • Shelving • Pallet Racking • Double Door Cabinets • Roller Conveyor • Roller Stands • Banding & Strapping Carts • Pallet Jacks • Ladders

(22) Modular Office Sets w/Partitions • (20) Laminated Desk Sets • 12' x 54" Conference Table w/(10) Chairs • (4) 48" Round Tables w/Chairs •Assorted Bookcases • Credenzas • File Cabinets

Removal Info:

  • Removal dates: TBA
  • Removal times 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  • No items released until payment is received in full.

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