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Starts: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 10:00am (EDT)
Auction Type: On-site and Global Webcast Auction
Location: 10 Sun Pac Blvd, Brampton, ONT, Canada


One Of The Largest Independent Hot Fill Beverage Manufacturers In North America. (4) Juice Production Lines For Glass, Can & Tatra Pak. Over (30) Stainless Tanks To 25,000 Gallon. Complete Bread Crumb & Crouton Production Equipment. Large Quantity Of Support Equipment Including: (12) Ammonia Compressors, Rotary Screw Compressors, (16) Forklifts, Warehouse & Plant Support Equipment.

In Conjunction with Maynards Industries.

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Al Stainless Sugar Tanks Including: (1) 10,000 gal. Stainless Steel Tank // (1) 5,000 gal. Stainless Steel Tank w/Related Stainless Steel Piping & Pumps
Al Stainless Bulk Storage Tank Farm Including: (8) 25,000 US gal. Stainless Steel Tanks, w/Selector Board, Receiving Board, Stainless Steel Piping and Pumps
• Stainless Steel Horizontal Storage Tank w/Agitator, Access Ports
• Stainless Steel Horizontal 8,000 gal. Storage Tank w/Albin Pump
(2) Tri-Canada 3,000 gal. Vertical Storage Tanks
De Laval 1,500 gal. Horizontal Stainless Tank
Batching Tanks Including: (2) 2,000 gal. Glasslined Tanks // (6) 840 gal. Tanks // (3) 1,000 gal. Tanks // (1) 2,000 gal. Tank // Related Piping & Pumps // Control Panel
Cup Filling Line Including: Mixing Tank w/ Lightning Electric Agitator // (4) Centrifugal Pumps // (2) Compartment Sink // (1998) Agfa Laval CLTP6 Heat Exchanger // (2) Autoprod Inc. 2000 Fil-N-Seal Rotary Cup Filler & Heat Sealers

LINE #1 GLASS & PET LINE (240mL - 64oz., multiple size ranges)
I & H Depalletizer w/Smart Screen Control (AB Panelview 1000), Bottle Infeed, Cardboard Spacer, Removal Boot
I & H 5' x 15' Accumulator Table w/5" x 30' Stainless Steel Conveyor
I & H Bottle Rinsing Station
US Bottlers GE-45LS 45-Head Rotary Filler
H & R White Cap 16-Head Rotary Capper w/400-425 Bottles/min, Allen Bradley Controls
White Cap VF-2130 Inline Capper
White Cap CF-20-24 Cap Sorter & Elevator w/Feeder
I & H Stainless Steel Transfer Conveyor
I & H Water Pass Through Cooler (12' x 45') w/Cooling Tower, (2) Pumps & Horizontal Exchangers, (5) Recirculation Pumps, Related Piping
• Accumulation Table 12' x 8'
• Water Treatment System
• Inline Air Knife to Remove Excess Water
(1989) Krones Canmatic 18-Head Rotary Labeller
Domino Jaime 1000 Ink Jet Code Printer
PECO Gama 101P Fill Level Monitor
Food Instruments ADR-50D Universal Closure Monitor
• Accumulation Table 12 'x 8'
Arpac TS 2312-RC Case Packer w/Nordson Glue 3500V Applicator, Torch PLS Control
Marsh Patrion Plus Code Printer
Arpac 65TW-28 Flow Wrapper & Shrink Tunnel w/Touch PLC Control
Alvey Powered Roller Conveyor
Alvey 600 Palletizer w/Allen Bradley Panelview 600, Discharge Roller Conveyor
Busse WD-300 Depalletizer w/(3) Independent Depalletizing Stations
• Overhead Transfer Conveyors

ALUMINUM CAN 241ml Filling line
Elmar 28-Head Rotary Filler
Voltec 5.5oz 36-Head Rotary Filler
(2) Continental 450 Seamers
Pak-Master WP-II & SECI-S1 Case Packer
• Stainless Steel Transfer Conveyor w/Plastic Link Belt
Markhem Jamie 1000 Ink Jet Code Printer
I & H Tunnel Type Cooling Tunnel w/Exhaust Fans for Condensation, Water Spray to Cool Cans, 3 1/2" Plastic Link Type Conveyor Infeed & Outfeed, Quantity of Stainless Steel Plastic Link Electric Conveyor
International Paper Co. R/R S/R Case Packer
FMC 6 5.5oz Case Packer
3M-Matic 200A Top & Bottom Case Sealer w/Gravity Roller Conveyor
KHS TP-50A Case Erector, s/n: 22604
Standard Knapp 750S Flow Wrapper w/Conveyor Type Shrink Wrap Tunnel Solid State Control, Gravity Outfeed Conveyor
Flex-O-Mark Pressure Sensitive Labeller w/Rolling Stand
Artel Pressure Sensitive Labeller
(2) Marsh ML8 Code Printers

CAN LINE 1.36L / 48oz.
Elmar 21-Head Rotary Filler w/Lane Alignment & Infeed Invigorating Conveyor
Angelus 60L Seamer
• Stainless Steel Link Type Conveyor and Roller Conveyor
Domino RES820 Ink Jet Code Printer
• Pass-Through Cooler Room w/Rubius 74 Water Spray Cooler (5' x 120'), Exhaust Fan
(1995) Burt Can Labeller
Kayat TP-50A Tray Packer w/Tray Feed, Nordson 2302 Glue Applicator, Outfeed Conveyor, 180' Conveyor
Marsh ML-8 Code Printer
Arpac 60-24 Flow Wrapper w/Shrink Tunnel, Allen Bradley Digital Readout
Steine/Priority One Custom Palletizer w/Electrical Panel, Pedestal Control, Allen Bradley DL-30 Digital Readout

Tetra Pak Brik Aseptic AB-9-250 Form Fill & Seal Machine
(2001) Tetra Pak Tubex 9001 Straw Applicator w/ Nordson 3100V Glue Applicator
Tetra Pak TFW-67 Multi Packer
Tetra Pak 67 Film Wrapper
Tetra Pak Case Packer
Tetra Pak Shrink Tunnel
Marsh LCP/DL Code Printer
Agfa Laval Steridrink Tetra Pak Pasteurizer w/Pumps, Tank, Valves, Plate Heat Exchanger

Markhem Jamie 1000 Ink Jet Code Printer
• (9) Assorted Sections of Pallet Racking
APV Homogenizer
• (3) Dumping Tanks/Troughs w/Pumps
• Unloading Station Liquid Sugar w/Pump
• Apple Juice Unloading Pump
• Orange Concentrate Unloading Pump
Preblend Open Tank w/Pump, (4) Legs, Bottom Discharge
APV Clean In Place System w/Jumper to Any Line, Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 Control, (2) Holding Tanks
• Water Warming Horizontal Tank w/3A Plate Type Heat Exchanger, Pump, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
• Frozen Pulp Pulverizer

APV Pasteurizer (Line 1) w/ Allen Bradley 1000 Control, Stainless Steel Balance Tank, Pumps, Stainless Steel Line, Filler Handling Tank & Pump, Overflow Tank & Pump, Plate Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
APV Pasteurizer (10oz Line) w/Balance Tank, Hot Water Pump, APV Plate Heat Exchanger, Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Related Stainless Steel, Piping, Control Panel
APV Pasteurizer (48oz Line) w/ APV Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, APV Plate Heat Exchanger, Balance Tank, Hot Water Pumps, Related Stainless Steel Piping & Control Panel

• Oil Holding Tank w/Heaters
• Crumb Oven w/4' x 22' Conveyor to Oven, Shredder, Conic Mill 1965 Hammer Mill, Through Cyclone to Dryer, Discharge to Kason Vibratory Shifter, Exhaust Fans
• 22 cu. ft. Ribbon Blender
Continental Panama Seamer w/Conveyor
Domino Ink Jet Code Printer
Crouton Line Including: Hartman Slicing Machine, Vibratory Conveyor, Natural Gas Oven, Wire Mesh Conveyor
• High Speed Slicer
• Seasoner Croutons w/ Infeed Hopper, Conveyor, Oil Appilcator, Seasoning Dispencer, Vibratory Screen
• Bread Crumb Tub Filling Machine w/Continental Filler & Capper
• High Speed Metal Detector Pass-Through Belt Conveyor
Domino Codebox 2 Ink Jet Code Printer
Axon E2-200 Tamper Bander/Bag Sealer w/Shrink Tunnel
McDowell Shrink Tunnel w/Conveyor
3M-Matic Box Closer
1000kg Digital Platform Scale 3' x 4'

(2000) Compair C345-8.2 60hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
(2002) Compair L45-9 60hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
(2005) Compair L55-9 75hp Rotary Screw Air Compressor
(2008) Compair CCT-1000U-5 Refrigerated Air Dryer

(5) TCM FCG25-F9 5,000 lbs. Natural Gas Power Forklifts w/189" Lift
(5) TCM FCG35-3L 5,000 lbs. LPG Forklifts
(2) TCM FCB25A.4 5,000 lbs. Electric Forklift w/Battery Chargers
TCM FCB25H2 5,000 lbs. Electric Forklift w/Battery Charger
(3) TCM FCG25-2 Natural Gas Power Forklifts

Thermogenics MOG350NA Steam Boiler 2.6 Million BTU/HR
Thermogenics HOG400EA Steam Boiler 2.6 Million BTU/HR
Thermogenics HOG300EA Steam Boiler 2.4 Million BTU/HR
Thermogenics HOG300 Steam Boiler
RBI HW2400 Boiler
(2) Rheem ST-120 Hot Water Tanks
(2) Klenzoid Water Softening Systems
Misc. Equip. Incl: Shelving, Storage Cabinets, Lincoln Welder, Step Ladder, Workbenches, Stacking Chairs, Bottle Cart, Beam Scale, IdealArc R3R-300, Work Bench & Grinder, Vacuum Pump, Digital Scale, Floor Scale, Portable Air, Compressor, Etc.
• (56 Sections) of Pallet Racking w/42"x14'/16' Uprights, Crossbeams, Safety Grid
• Push Back Pallet Racking System w/750 Skid Positions
Liberty Industries 500 Series Pallet Wrapper
Mathews Infeed Belt Conveyor
MAC 5252 Pallet Wrapper
Strapex 5733 Turntable Type Pallet Wrapper
Factory Cat 40 Electric Ride-On Floor Scrubber w/Battery Charger
Ford F150 4 x 4 Pickup w/ Arctic Truck Mount Snow Blade, Meyer Mini Salt Spreader
Maintenance Equip. Incl: Maxturn 1800 Lathe, Delta 10 x 50 Vertical Mill, Miller Welder, Acetylene Torch, Delta Drill Press, Hand Tools, C-Clamps, Misc. Equip.
• (2) Pallet Racks
• Infeed Conveyor Bottle Can Crusher
• (4) Hydraulic Compactors w/ Bins
• Qty. of Chain Parts w/Filler Valve Seals, Micro Switches, Pumps, Valves, Pipe Filters, Hose, Electric Parts, Etc.
Lab Equip. Incl: Blue M Oven, Baush Lamb Micrometer, Hach 2100N Turbidimeter, Vernitron Oven, Mettler Precision Balance, Microscope, Glassware, Stirrer, Stands, Computers, Monitors, Printer, Lamps, Microwaves, O'Haus Scale & Glass Front Fridge, Etc.
• Electrical Equip. & Switch Gear
• (2) Pedestal Electric Floor Fans
• 6-Step Warehouse Ladder
• 8-Step Warehouse Ladder
• 10-Step Warehouse Ladder
• Pallet Truck
• (2) 10-Step Warehouse Ladder
• Metal Packing Table w/Roller Conveyor
• 5-Step Rolling Ladder

• Juice Concentrates / Essence & Base Flavours / Acids / Colours / Additives / Sugar
Packaging Materials Incl: Cans & Lids / Cartons / Plastic / Labels / Tetra Pack / Glass / Caps / Cups / Shrink Wrap
• McDowell Raw Material & Packaging Inventory

• Juice / Drink / Tetra Pak / Frozen Goods / Purchased Drinks & Tetra
• McDowell Finished Goods

• (20) Sunpac Registered Trademarks and Patents, Canadian & US Registered: "Sun Pac", "Sun Pac & Design", "Sun Pac Just Juice & Design", "Sun Crop", "Purrr", "Purrr the Connoisseur", "Cat Food & Design", "Plat du goumet", "Gourmet Platter", "Derby", "Vital", "Beef Eater", "Moisson du soleil", 'Fruit Rhapsody", "Aquailinn", "Saico", "Featherweight", US Trade Marks: "Sun Pac", "Sun Pac" logo (new), "Fruit Rhapsody"
Sunpac and McDowell Brand Logos
Sunpac Foods Website domain: www.sunpac.ca
• Recipes for Sunpac Juice & Concentrate / McDowell Breadcrumb & Crouton Recipes
• Customer & Supplier lists for Sun Pac & McDowell

In Conjunction with Maynards Industries.

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