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Liquidation Auction COMPLETE PANEL WASH LINE FROM ONGOING OPERATIONS OF CARDINAL SYSTEMS, INC Location: 250 PA-61, Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 PRE-TREATMENT SYSTEM - 3 STAGE WASHER: DMP Corporation Skid Wash System; Stage 1-Clean: 466 Gal NE Cap, 100 Sec Cycle, 150 Deg Max Temp, 80AH Air Burner W/.33hp Blower, 800 CFM Natural Gas, 2-5 Psi, Heat Exchanger Construction - 10 Ga HRS, Automatic Back Flow Make-Up From Stage 2, Manual Fresh Water Fill. Stage 2-Rinse: 358 Gal Net Cap, 60 Second, Ambient Heat, 5hp Spray Pump (#316 SS) - 90gpm@60'hd, Manual Fresh Water Makeup And Fill. Stage 3 - Rinse/Seal: 358 Gal Net Cap, 60 Second, Ambient Heat, 5hp Spray Pump (#316 SS) – 90 GPM @ 60' HD, Manual Fresh Water Makeup And Fill. General: Drain Boards – 12 Ga #304ss, Catwalks - 12 Ga #304 SS, Sump Covers - 12 Ga #304 SS, Exhaust Fans – 533 CFM @ 3"Sp - 2hp, 2 Vents Fans, Pressure Gauges And Flow Control Valves On All Pumps, Spray Rinsers - 10 Nozzles Side/Side.

DRY-OFF OVEN - Two Pass Design, 350 Deg Max Temp, Designed Product Thru Put- 3,000lbs/Hr Steel, Residence Time - 12 Min@3FPM Conveyor Line Speed, High Velocity Air Seals - 2 @ 2hp. General: Heat System - 80AH Air Heat Burner W/.33hp Blower, #1 1/4 DWDI Recirculating Air Blower - 7,662 CFM - 7.5hp, 800 CFH Natural Gas @ 2-5 PSI Supply Pressure, Insulated "B" Deck Floor, 6" Thick Overall Walls And Roof, Exhaust Fan - 700 Cfm, 1 Hp

CONVEYOR SYSTEM - Rapid Systems 3" I-Beam Conveyor, Floor Supported - 330ft Running Length, Trolleys W/ Full Compliment Ball Bearings, No Seals, "H" Attachments, 24" Centers, Line Speed 3 FPM Avg, 2-6 Range, Average Line Load - 17lbs/Ft, All Turns 24" Radius, Except For Oval Turns Which Are Graph-Alloy Bushed Traction Wheel Type, Cat Variable Speed A/C Drive, Air Operated Take Up, Digi-lube Automatic Chain Lubricator

SPRAY BOOTH - Rohner Open Faced Spray Booth, Overall Dimensions - 28'W X 10'10"H X 15'9"D, Inside Working Dimensions 24'W X 9'10"H X 12'D

RHINO-LINING SPRAY FOAM INSULATION - Rhino-Pro HP-21 Spray System, Electric Heat, 2 Component Proportioner, Sprays Two Part Polyurea Type Materials, Model #311429B
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Preview: Mon.-Tues., May 2nd & 3rd, From 9am to 4pm Each Day or By Appointment. Please Call 818-508-7034 For More Information. 
Location: 5100 River Rd, Avondale, Louisiana 70094 OVER Approx. 1500 MIG, Arc, TIG, Stick & Stud Welders/Plasma Cutters • 250-Ton Accurpress Press Brake • 90-Ton Lima Mobile Boom Crane • Approx. (33) Various Drill Presses • (15) Double Pedestal Grinders • 15 Ton Vonel Hyd Press • Setco M5 Ply Mill • I-R Air Compressors • Tennsmith Hand Brake • Houdaille Shear • Peck Stowe & Wilcox Hand Roll • Varico Hand Rolls • Hougen-Ogura Hole Punches • Marvel Vertical Bandsaw • (2) Powermatic Vertical Band Saws • Delta & Jet Bandsaws • Jet Horiz. Bandsaw • Baileigh Hyd Pipe Bender • Goff Deck Blasters • Koike & Bugo Burning Machines • Ford F-450, F-250 & F-150 Pick-Up Trucks • InternationalGarbage Truck • KalyGooseneck Trailer • Great Dane Box Trailer • Bard A/C Units • ASI Aluminum Skiffs • RBW Enterprises Versablast Centrifugal Blasters • Munters & Air Technology Dehumidifiers • Swagelok Hyd Swaging Units • Various Dynamometers • Toyota 4K Cap Electric Forklift • Generac Generators • JD Neuhaus Hoists Up To 25 Ton • FLYGT Dewatering Pumps • FLYGT Sump Pumps • Graco Grease Pumps • Square-D 75KVA Transformers • Distribution Ventilation Blowers • Large Quantity Of Testing, QC, Inspection & Hand Tools • & Much More
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Private Treaty (2001) HERR VOSS/STAMCO LIGHT GAUGE ALUMINUM TENSION LEVELING & STRIP CLEANING LINE  Preview: Please Call 818-508-7034 For More Information
Location: 1709 Jake Alexander Blvd, Salisbury, NC 28145 (2001) HERR VOSS/STAMCO LIGHT GAUGE ALUMINUM TENSION LEVELING LINE: Material: Aluminum Alloys 1100, 1235, 8111 (15,000 - 30,000 PSI Yield) • Strip Width: 30" - 64.5" Maximum Trimmed • Strip Thickness: .003" - .025" • Entry Coil: 16,000# Max w/ Spool, 60" OD, 16" or 20" ID on Fiber Cores, 18.625" on 72" Long Steel Spools. Entry Coil Payoff - Top or Bottom • Exit Coil: 16,000# Max w/ Spool, 60" OD, 12", 16" & 20" ID on Fiber Cores • Line Speed: 100-1000 FPM • Elongation: 0 - 3% • Flatness:Less Than 5 I-Units • Slit Mults: 4 Max w/ 10" Minimum Slit Mult Width
STRIP CLEANING LINE: Hyde Oil Separator • FSI Filter Specialist Liquid Bag Type Flter Vessel, 8' Flanged Connections, Custom Piping, 78 Bag Unit, 100 Psi Rated, 1/4" NPT Guage Couplings On Inlet & Outlet W/ Manual Crank Lid Lift W/ Epr Gaskets & 1000 Micron Filter Bags • Maxon 8" Packaged Tube-O-Therm Gas Burner, Pre Piped Gas-Train & Control Panel • Maxon 6" Packaged Tube-O-Therm Gas Burner, Pre Piped Gas-Train & Control Panel • Inlet Silencer/Filter Housing Assembly W/ Mounting Hardware & Gaskets, Support Legs, Magnahelic Differential Pressure Guage W/ Air Filter & Adjustable Signal Flag 0-2" • Fume Scrubber, Duall Model FW203 W/ Self Contained Recirc System, 5000 CFM @ 3' W.C., 10 HP Blower Motor, 2 HP Pump Motor • Electrodeless Conductivity Controller • LMI Electronic Diaphragm Pump

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All internet bidders must register for all auctions at least 72-HOURS PRIOR TO THE SALE DATE. If you do not, you will not be approved. ***All Internet bidders must provide a WIRE TRANSFER DEPOSIT of approximately 25% of your planned spending amount or a $2,500 Minimum Deposit in order to be approved to bid.***
Those who do not post the deposit will not be approved. Period.

Registration is available onsite the day of the sale. ***All onsite bidders must provide a $500 cash minimum registration deposit or 25% of approximate bid amount (whichever is greater) via wire transfer, cashier's check or company check accompanied by a bank letter of guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: Bank must guarantee the check for 30 days following the auction***

Deposits will be applied toward the balance of all purchases. If there were no purchases made, we will issue a refund of your deposit within 3-5 business days.

BidItUp - A Global leader of Industrial Auctions, Used Industrial Equipment & Used Machinery Appraisals as well as Industrial Assets Liquidation Services

BIDITUP Auctions Worldwide offers a variety of used industrial equipment & used machinery appraisals as well as asset liquidation services to our customers. Whether selling industrial equipment assets or looking for the right equipment to buy, we can help you appraise, auction, find or finance used machinery and other assets. Count on our experienced and certified staff for competitively superior services from start to finish.

Industrial Auctions
BIDITUP's prime focus is the conversion of assets via the "Public Auction" forum. We conduct approximately 75 national auction sales per year. These events exude enthusiasm, excitement and spirited participation. BIDITUP's. innovative conversion programs include our direct purchasing of complete businesses, personal property, product line and/or certain assets including Real Estate. Guaranteed participation and various commission structures are also offered and tailored to fulfill individual criteria. Upon your request a BIDITUP representative(s) will personally visit your facility, free of charge, for a confidential consultation to further elaborate on these programs.

Industrial Asset Liquidation Services
The modern day auction environment has dramatically altered the liquidation philosophy of past years. Liquidation is still a viable option for conversion when perhaps an item is proprietary with an extremely limited marketplace and /or time for vacating the premises. A liquidation is suitable for one item or an entire facility and can be combined with an auction. Upon our inspection and understanding of your goals, our team can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of which method is best suited for your industrial assets conversion program.

Used Industrial Equipment & Used Machinery Appraisals
The objective of a used machinery appraisal is to define accurate value. A pre-appraisal of assets is essential to an auction or liquidation's success and/ or lender's security interest. BIDITUP's certified appraisers follow exacting standards to a science, combined with hands-on knowledge of the immediate marketplace, providing you with values you can rely upon. From east to west, our appraisers cover all the numbers.

  • Orderly liquidation
  • Auction value
  • Fair market value
  • Fair market in place value
  • American Society of Appraisers (ASA) certified
  • Association of Machinery & Equipment Appraisers (AMEA) certified
  • National appraisals
  • Prompt and precise


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